Sentences for Spanish test

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  1. Present Tense
    Yo hablo con mi familia durante la cena.

    I talk with my family during the dinner.
  2. Preterite Tense
    Ayer trabajamos en la libros rojos con mi clase.

    Yesterday we worked in the red book with my class.
  3. Future Tense
    Leere cinco libros en un dia largo.

    I will read five books in a long day.
  4. Imperfect Tense
    Yo tenia una maestra de espanol que era extrana.

    I use to have a teacher of spanish that was weird.
  5. Conditional Tense
    Yo escucharia a mi ipod, pero no quiero un demerito.

    I would listen to my ipod, but I don't want a demerit.
  6. Present Perfect Tense
    Ha salido la casa para ir en un avion.
  7. Past Perfect Tense
    James habia ido antes de que yo entre.
  8. Future Perfect Tense
    Habran terminado este libro antes de la clase manana.
  9. Conditional Perfect Tense
    Habria comprado el cielo pero el cielo es de Dios.
  10. Present Subjunctive Tense
    Harry quiere que su hermano acepte el regalo
  11. Imperative Tense
    Abre la puerta ahora!

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Sentences for Spanish test
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Spanish tense test

One sentence in all the tenses we've gone over so far
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