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  1. What is a CNA?
    HCP, one of the most important jobs, most hands-on contact with the residents, and/or clients than anyone else.
  2. What does one have to certified?
  3. What is OBRA?
    standards implemented so the states individually regulate the training and testing of a CNA. States specifies the amount of traing and what certification and practical skills exams a CNA must pass. Also requires state registry be kept for CNA's. This will include date of certification, reports of abuse and neglect, lapse periods.
  4. Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)
    nursing home setting where residents require the assistance of round the clock care.
  5. Members of a health care team:
    MD, DO, PA, NP, nursing staff, therapy, case management, clergy, social services
  6. role of the nursing assistant in nursing home:
    • assist with ADLs: bathing, eating, mobility, oral hygiene.¬†
    • obtain accurate measurement: VS, height and weight
    • observing and reporting
  7. Who is a CNA's direct supervisor?
    Charge nurse
  8. Care Plan
    developed for each resident by the RN, all HCP (CNA, RN, LPN, Nutritionist) must follow care plan. reviewed periodically and care conferences are held to keep everyone informed and updated.
  9. Why make rounds?
    Make sure no one is dead, nothing is imminent
  10. Shift report and duties
    previous shift reports information to new shift. Being on time is mandatory. Take notes during report, ask questions and briefly make rounds before starting shift
  11. communication skills
    listening is most important
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