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  1. The right coronary artery supplies blood mainly to the:
    Right ventricle, part of the interventricular septum, and both atria
  2. The left coronary artery divides into what 2 branches?
    • The circumflex artery
    • The anterior interventricular (anterior descending) artery
  3. The left coronary artery supplies:
    Both atria, the interventricular septum, and most of the left ventricle
  4. Many veins are interconnected by linking vessels which provide alternative routes back to the heart. These are known as:
  5. All systemic arteries originate from the:
  6. There are 3 separate routes by which blood can return to the heart:
    • The coronary capillaries
    • Superior vena cava
    • Inferior vena cava
  7. The veins draining the brain empty into the dural sinuses before mainly going into the:
    Internal jugular veins. These merge with the subclavian veins coming from the arms to form the brachiocephalic veins. The 2 BC veins then join and form the superior vena cava, which drains into the right atrium
  8. The legs are drained by:
    The common iliac veins
  9. What does it mean for valves to become leaky or incompetent?
    It means the valves are allowing some backflow to the wrong direction
  10. What is the azygos system?
    Much of the thorax drains using the azygos system, which empties blood collected from branches of the thoraacic aorta via the azygos vein into the superior vena cava
  11. Blood leaves the right ventricle via the pulmonary trunk, which then splits into the right and left pulmonary arteries. These then divide into:
    The 3 right and 2 left lobar arteries.
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