HR Test #3 Ch 11 Part 1

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  1. American Federation of Labor (AF of L)
    was another early union; it focused its efforts on improved working conditions and better employment contracts rather than getting involved in legislative and political activities
  2. arbitration
    both sides agree in advance that they will accept the recommendations made by an independent third–party arbitrator.
  3. bargaining unit
    refers to the specifically defined group of employees who are eligible for representation by the union.
  4. boycott
    occurs when union members agree not to buy the products of a targeted employer.
  5. closed shop
    refers to a workplace in which only workers who are already union members may be hired by the employer.
  6. Collective bargaining
    is the process by which managers and union leaders negotiate acceptable terms and conditions of employment for those workers represented by the unions.
  7. Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)
    Another important early union was the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), which focused on organizing employees by industry, regardless of their craft, skills, or occupation.
  8. final–offer arbitration
    Under final–offer arbitration, the parties bargain until impasse and then the two parties’ final offers are submitted to the arbitrator.
  9. impasse
    is a situation in which one or both parties believe that reaching an agreement is not imminent.
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