HR Test #3 Ch 11 Part 2

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  1. Knights of Labor
    was an important early union that expanded its goals and its membership to include workers in numerous fields rather than a single industry.
  2. Labor Management Relations Act (or Taft–Hartley Act)
    (1947) was a response to public outcries against a wide variety of strikes in the years after World War II; its basic purpose was to curtail and limit union practices.
  3. Labor relations
    is the process of dealing with employees who are represented by a union.
  4. labor union
    is a legally constituted group of individuals working together to achieve shared, job–related goals, including higher pay and shorter working hours.
  5. Landrum–Griffin Act
    (officially called the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act) focused on eliminating various unethical, illegal, and undemocratic union practices.
  6. Locals
    are unions organized at the level of a single company, plant, or small geographic region.
  7. lockout
    occurs when an employer denies employees access to the workplace.
  8. Mandatory items
    including wages, working hours, and benefits, must be included as part of collective bargaining if either party expresses a desire to negotiate one or more of them.
  9. mediation
    a neutral third party called the mediator listens to and reviews the information presented by both sides and then makes an informed recommendation and provides advice to both parties about what she or he believes should be done.
  10. National Labor Relations Act
    (or Wagner Act) administers most labor law in the United States.
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