Ch. 9 Los Verbos

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  1. actuar
    to act
  2. ahorrar
    to save
  3. basarse en
    to be based upon
  4. cambiar
    to change
  5. competir (i)
    to compete
  6. dar permiso
    to give permission
  7. descubrir
    to discover
  8. discutir
    to discuss; to argue
  9. entregar
    to hand in, turn in
  10. jugar (ue)
        a la pelota
        a la rayuela (bebeleche: Mex.)
        al escondite
        al gato
        con carritos, muñecas
    • to play
    •     ball
    •     hopscotch
    •     hide-and-seek
    •     tag
    •     with little cars, dolls
  11. llenar (el espacio en blanco)
    to fill (in the blank)
  12. llevarse bien
    to get along well
  13. mejorar(se)
    to improve; to get better
  14. meterse en líos
    to get into trouble
  15. mudarse
    to move (residence)
  16. parecerse
    to look like
  17. pelear
    to fight
  18. permitir(se)
    to allow
  19. recordar(ue)
    to remember
  20. sacar buenas/malas notas
    to get good/bad grades
  21. saltar la cuerda
    to jump rope
  22. soñar (con)
    to dream (about)
  23. subirse a los árboles
    to climb trees
  24. volar un papalote (Mex.)
    to fly a kite
  25. escaparse
    to escape
  26. inventar
    invent, make up
  27. casarse
    to marry
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