Toxo, Q2 II

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  1. What are the "slows" seen with white snakeroot?
    What are other signs seen?
    • Reluctance to move
    • Dribbling urine
    • Ketotic odor of breath
  2. What is toxic principle of rayless goldenrod
    Where is it encountered?
    Acute or cumulative?
    • Tremetol
    • Dry open areas
    • Cumulative
    • (related to white snakeroot)
  3. Broom weeds cause abortions.
    When is the plant most toxic?
    when rapidly growing (early leaves)
  4. how is broom weed toxicity treated?
    provide good quality feed (animal can tolerate if less than 30% of the ration)
  5. what is the toxic principle for sneezeweeds?
    • helenolides
    • hymenovin
  6. what signs are seen with sneezeweeds?
    • GIT : salivation, bloat, colic, vomiting (even ruminants)
    • CNS: staggering, hyperesthesia
    • Respiratory
    • Abortions
  7. what plant causes "spewing sickness" in sheep?
    sneeze weeds (vomiting)
  8. what clinical pathology finding is associated with sneeze weeds?
    clotting defects
  9. what part of ragworts and groundsels are toxic?
    all parts
  10. what is the toxic principle of ragworts and groundsels?
    Acute or delayed?
    • Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAS)
    • lag time to effect
    • Chronic more an issue than acute form
  11. what are some terms for chronic ragwort/groundsel toxicosis?
    • Senecosis
    • Walla Walla Disease
    • Walkabout
  12. What are some clinical signs of ragwort/groundsel in cattle? 5
    What is common term for this toxicosis in cattle?
    • Cachexia
    • Tenesmus
    • Rectal prolapse
    • Mania
    • Dark urine

    "Hepatic Cripples"
  13. what is the common term for ragwort/groundsel in horses?
    "Sleep Staggers" - aimless walking then drowsiness (may become violent)
  14. what are the 4 cardinal signs of Pyrrolizidine alkaloids damage?
    • Centrilobular necrosis
    • Portal fibrosis and bile duct proliferation
    • Megalocytosis/karyomegaly
    • Venous and perivenous fibrosis
    • (inclusion bodies in cattle)
  15. what is treatment for ragworts and groundsels?
    • Symptomatic or slaughter
    • Methionine or incr. AA¬†(Inc Ammonia)
    • High carb diet and good quality forage
    • +/- recovery once signs appear
  16. what signs are associated with golden rod? 4
    • Salivation
    • Lip/Jaw movements
    • Hyperesthetic shaking
    • Convulsions
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