MIS Test #3 Ch 6 Part A

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  1. 1. decision-making phase
    The first part of problem solving, including three stages: intelligence, design, and choice.
  2. 2. intelligence stage
    The first stage of decision making, in which you identify and define potential problems or opportunities.
  3. 3. design stage
    The second stage of decision making, in which you develop alternative solutions to the problem and evaluate their feasibility.
  4. problem solving
    A process that goes beyond decision making to include the implementation stage.
  5. 4. choice stage
    The third stage of decision making, which requires selecting a course of action.
  6. monitoring stage
    The final stage of the problem-solving process, in which decision makers evaluate the implementation.
  7. programmed decision
    A decision made using a rule, procedure, or quantitative method.
  8. nonprogrammed decision
    A decision that deals with unusual or exceptional situations.
  9. optimization model
    A process to find the best solution, usually the one that will best help the organization meet its goals.
  10. satisficing model
    A model that will find a good—but not necessarily the best—solution to a problem.
  11. heuristics
    “Rules of thumb,” or commonly accepted guidelines or procedures that usually find a good solution.
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