06.04. HO-3 Perils Insured Against and Exclusions

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  1. HO-3 Excluded Perils under Coverages A and B
    • collapse (except collapse following covered loss)
    • freezing of pipes and hoses
    • damage to external property due to freezing, thawing, pressure, weight of water or ice
    • theft of construction material (until building is finished and occupied)
    • vandalism to vacant dwelling (more than 60 consecutive days)
    • mold, fungus, wet rot unless it's hidden and results from accidental leak from plumbing / heating / air conditioning
    • natural deterioration
    • smoke from agricultural or industrial operations
    • pollutants (excepts if results from covered peril under Coverage C)
    • settling, shrinking, bulging of building
    • animals (to animals or caused by animals)
  2. HO-3 Water Damage
    • covers it results from accidental discharge or overflow of water or steam
    • must come from plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or sprinkler system
    • damage caused by water and cost of tearing out and replacing parts
    • excludes loss to a damaged system or appliance
  3. HO-3 Named Peril under Coverage C
    • instead of exclusions like Coverage A and B, Coverage C only covers named perils
    • fire or lightning
    • windstorm or hail
    • explosion
    • riot or civil commotion (3 or more people)
    • aircraft
    • vehicles
    • smoke
    • vandalism or┬ámalicious┬ámischief
    • theft
    • falling objects
    • weight of ice, snow or sleet (property contained in a building)
    • accidental discharge or overflow of water system
    • sudden and accident tearing appart
    • freezing
    • accidental damage from electrical current
    • volcanic eruption
  4. HO-3 Coverage C Theft exclusions
    • committed by insured
    • building under construction
    • rented to someone other than insured
    • property belonging to student away from home unless has been there in past 90 days
    • watercraft
    • trailer, semi-trailer, camper
  5. HO-3 Section I Exclusions
    • ordinance or law
    • earth movement (except fire ensuing)
    • water (flood, surface water, sewer backup)
    • power failure (except if caused by peril)
    • neglect
    • war
    • nuclear hazard
    • intentional loss by insured
    • governmental action
  6. HO-3 Section I - Coverages A and B Exclusions
    • weather
    • acts or decisions, including failure to act
    • faulty construction
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