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  1. what form is used to document a member's active duty service commitment ADSC incurred due to training or a permanent change of station PCS?
    Air Force Information Managment tool IMT 63
  2. what is not included in the three main phases of accession processing?
  3. Essential station messing ESM is also termed
    rations in-kind
  4. which of the following is not a join spouse intent code
  5. requirments for a member to qualify for servicemembers group life insurance traumatic injury protection TSGLI
    must suffer from a scheduled loss that is a direct result of a traumatic event

    must have suffered the traumatic event before midnight of the day of separation

    must survive for a period of at least seven full days from the date of the traumatic event
  6. which is not a responsibility of the force support squadron commander as it pertains to casualty services?
    provide public affairs with the name, age, rank, and home of record of the deceased.
  7. once family members have been notified, the mortuary service officer and public affairs office will provide name, rank, age and...
    home of record , race, religion, TAFMSD, awards, decorations and badges.
  8. all approved, non-local surveys show
    a office of management and budget number, survey control number, or a report control symbol.
  9. the enlisted assignement preferance is used for
    continental US CONUS or Overseas OS assignments
  10. humanitarian assignment or deferment request that usually warrants approval, are requests substantiating problems arising from which circumstance?
    the recent death of the members spouse or child, including miscarriages
  11. which order is not completed within orders processing application?

    A) AF form 973, request authorization for change of administrative orders.
    B) DD for 1610, request authorizations for TDY travel of DOD personnel.
    C) AF form 100 Request and authorization for separation
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  12. Dependent travel to a designated place DTDP without a follow on assignment application is used to request
    government funded travel to a specified location while the airman serves the short dependent restricted or unaccompanied tour
  13. command sponsored dependants residing with the military member in an overseas continental united states OCONUS personnel data system PDS may be relocated at government expense prior to completion of prescribed overseas tour, describes what?
    early return of dependants
  14. how many days in advance does the commander notify the officer of the projected promotion effective date when an individual is promoted to the first lieutenant?
  15. who has the responsibility of providing an automatic quarterly end of month output product to the career development element, within the forst 10 days of the first months for below the zone?
    personnel systems managment section PSM
  16. within how many months after the effective date of the domotion can the domotion authority restore an airmans original grade?
    three and six
  17. the effective date of retirment for a member who elects retirment in lieu of domotion, will be no later than the first day of what month following the date the member recieved the initial notification?
  18. within how many days of the first processing month must the below zone e4 promotion product be scheduled to run?
  19. the objective of the reenlistment and selective reenlistment program SRP is to ensure the career force has professional noncommissioned officers that are
    highly qualified
  20. First term airmen who complete how many months on their current enlistment recieve selective reenlistment program SRP consideration?
    33 (57 for six year enlistees)
  21. National call to service NCS enlistees, enter thei career jobs reservation CJR window on the first day of the month they complete
    35 months
  22. a computation of all periods of active an dinactive enlisted service credible for basic pay is considered
    total enlisted military service date TEMSD
  23. what grades can incur an active duty service commitment ADSC?
    Colonal and below and all enlisted personnel
  24. an election for career status bonus CSDB cannot be submitted no more than how many months after the notification of opportunity?
  25. what type of counseling is suggested for members to obtain in order to make an informed career status bonus CSB option?
  26. what process is the first step in selecting reliable personnel to perform duties associated with nuclear weapons?
    administrative qualification
  27. within the military personnel section MPS, who has the responsibility of managing the unit personnel managment roster?
    force managment operations element
  28. the unit manpower document UMD is a product that provides the authorized positions that a unit is allowed to recruit, train and
  29. over how many years does a unit manning document UMD list positions that will be deleted?
  30. the classification system provides concise award upgrade, and retention criteria for
    career progression
  31. who has the authority to authorize the use of enlisted pesonnel outside their control air force specialty code CAFSC up to 270 days?
    headquarters af personnel center HQ AFPC
  32. members of reserve components are eligible for consideration of a military decoration
    in authorized periods of training or while in inactive status
  33. when seeking correction of militarty records, if the original evaluation was unjust or wrong, what type of evidence must a member provide?
  34. intra- commancd permanent change of assignment PCA actions change request initiates changes in
    organization, position numbers, supervisor, and unit of assigment
  35. inter-command permanent change of assignment PCA actions change request initiates changes for all the following except
    date arrived station
  36. if a member is recieving a special duty rating of SD-3, what monetary value are they entitled to?
  37. how many eligible special duty ratings are currently available?
  38. for officers, all of the following can establish an unfavorable information file UIF except

    A) commanders at all levels for members assigned or attached to their unit
    B) members previous supervisor who works in the military personnel section
    C) chiefs of staffs, their deputies and assistants and other staff agency heads
    D) major command commander, vice commanders, staff director and directors
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  39. what is the max number of consecutive months an individuals name can remain on the control roster?
  40. the total force development program guides development of the total force through levels of leadership to produce a total force successfully prepared to accomplish the air force mission, which is not considered a level of leadership?
  41. what training status code reflects not recommended for entry into upgrade training, and determines the member ineligible for consideration under noncommissioned officer retraining program NCORP
  42. the human resource-case managment system HR-CMS senior leadership wanted a system that would allow base level offices to resolve HR system problems relating to all of the following except...

    A) extension
    B) identification card
    C) pay
    D) reenlistment
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  43. when developing the human resource-case managment system HR-CMS cases, senior leadership wanted a system that would allow base level offices to resolve HR system problems relating to all of the following except

    A) inputting
    B) typing
    C) tracking
    D) reporting
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  44. when processing human resouce-case managment system HR-cms cases, including the time prior to sending to HQAFPC or defense finance and accounting services DFAS, and the time after a case is returned for closure, how many days is base-level limited to?
  45. when processing human resource case managment system HR-CMS cases, how many cumalitive days does defense finance and accounting service DFAS have to process a case?
    20 days
  46. when determining changes to make regarding wht to file in a personnel information file PIF, and to preserce critical command options in military justice, the commander should seek advice from the ...
    staff judge advocate
  47. transaction registers are computer products that are programmatically controlled and produced
  48. when defense joint military pay system DJMS rejects are recieved, the military personnel section MPS work center is responsible for the rejected transaction and initiates corrective action to clear the reject within
    48 hrs
  49. who should create additional discoverer workbooks to help verify or identify further database integrity checks
    personnel system managment manager
  50. which managment assessment product MAP is used to ensure the civilian supervisor meets the minimum grade requirment to supervise military personnel?
    MAP 4
  51. before updating a reenlistment or an extension, you will need to access the master military pay account MMPA file to pull what type of product
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