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  1. Which one of the powers listed below is a constitutional power that the president shares with the Senate?
    making treaties
  2. Which institutional resource is closest to the president?
    White House staff
  3. In which institutional resource are leaders both appointed by the president and approved by the Senate?
  4. Which of these became an official presidential qualification in 1951?
    a maximum of two terms
  5. What is executive privilege?
    the right to keep communications confidential to the presidency
  6. Who has the role of breaking a tie in the Senate?
  7. Historically, vice-presidential candidates are chosen to __________.
    take over as president in an emergency
  8. What does the Twenty-Second Amendment do?
    requires that presidents serve only two terms
  9. Which first lady acted as a surrogate for her partially paralyzed husband?
    Edith Bolling Galt Wilson
  10. Which presidential power is balanced by required approval of the Senate with a two-thirds vote?
    negotiating treaties with other nations
  11. Congress can remove a president through __________.
  12. Whom did the Framers expect to be the first president of the United States?
    George Washington
  13. What has to happen in Congress before the president can be impeached?
    The House can impeach the president by a simple majority; the Senate needs a two-thirds majority.
  14. Which of these presidents is arguably the first modern president?
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  15. Throughout most of its history, which was considered an insignificant office?
  16. Which presidential oversight includes the State of the Union address?
    The president must inform and convene Congress
  17. Which executive power was intended as a "qualified negative" by the Framers?
  18. According to the Constitution, how is the president supposed to be elected?
  19. According to the Constitution, how is the president supposed to be supposed to be elected?
  20. Which of the following is an example of the rally-round-the-flag effect?
  21. The use of __________ in foreign matters is an example of the president acting as a global leader
  22. What is the purpose of the Council of Economic Advisers?
  23. Which best describes the president's constitutional duty to Congress?
  24. Which is one of the reasons that power and responsibility of the presidency has grown?
  25. What role was Thomas Jefferson performing as president when he made the Louisiana Purchase?
  26. What role does a president play when celebrating a national holiday?
  27. Which examines the cost implications of a proposed bill?
  28. Why is there the potential for conflict over virtually all aspects of government?
  29. In order to prevent tyranny, what did Benjamin Franklin think had to be included in the Constitution?
  30. Which presidential power gives the president the ability to control what happens inside departments and agencies during their terms and to shape the federal judiciary (including the Supreme Court) far into the future?
  31. Bill Clinton launching his health care reform proposals on Nightline is an example of what type of strategy?
  32. Presidents with high levels of __________ have an easier time influencing Congress, while those with low levels find influencing Congress more difficult
  33. Which group's major function is to help presidents execute laws and make decisions?
  34. Which is a group of presidential advisers? This group is too large and too diverse to serve as a collective board.
  35. What is the role of the National Security Council?
  36. Which president set the precedent of the chief executive's prominent role in foreign affairs?
  37. How did Lincoln defend his decision to order a blockade of southern ports without the approval of Congress?
  38. In which way do modern presidents differ from the original intentions of the Framers of the Constitution?
  39. How might presidents use their powers of persuasion in the legislative process?
  40. Why does the perception of a mandate matter in presidential politics?
  41. How is a vice presidential vacancy filled?
  42. Which of the following statements best characterizes the nature of the conflict between presidents and Congress?
  43. Which of the following statements best describes contemporary relationships between presidents and Congress?
  44. How has the office of vice president changed over the years?
  45. Which of the following leadership abilities is critical to presidential success?
  46. How might rallying events affect presidential politics?
  47. When might citizens be particularly concerned about an expansion of presidential power?
  48. What would be different, with respect to the institution of the presidency, if Franklin D. Roosevelt had not won the 1932 election?
  49. Refer to Table 7.3. Which statement best describes Bill Clinton's veto history?
  50. Based on what you know about election history, what is the most likely reason Senator John McCain chose Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008?
  51. What distinguishes the modern presidency from the institution originally envisioned by the Framers of the Constitution?
  52. Which word best describes the language used by the Framers to describe the office of the president?
  53. What was the turning point that gave rise to the modern institutional presidency?
  54. Why was it significant that George Washington was the first person elected to the presidency?
  55. What distinguishes modern presidents from early presidents
  56. How does the White House staff differ from the president's Cabinet?
  57. Which of the following statements provides the best characterization of the members of the White House staff?
  58. Why was the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the Constitution adopted?
  59. The number of presidential vetoes __________.
  60. Why was the War Powers Resolution (1973) adopted by Congress?
  61. What did the presidencies of Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln have in common?
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