PgMP - Key Program Stakeholders

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  1. The individual with executive ownership of the program(s)
    Program Director
  2. The individual responsible for managing the program.
  3. The individuals responsible for managing the individual projects within the program. 
    Project Managers
  4. The individual or group who champions the program initiative, is responsible for providing project resources and often ultimately for delivering the benefits.
    Program Sponsor
  5. The individual or group who is responsible for providing project resources and ensuring program success. Program sponsors represent the senior managers who are responsible for defining the direction of the organization and for the investment decisions.
    Executive Sponsor
  6. The individual or organization that will use the new capabilities/results of the program and derive the anticipated benefits. The customer is a core stakeholder in the program’s final result and will determine whether the program is judged to be ultimately successful or not.
  7. The group that is performing the work of the program through projects.
    Performing Organization
  8. The individuals performing program activities
    Program Team Members
  9. The individuals performing constituent project activities
    Project Team Members
  10. The part of the organization or the external agency that is providing funding for the program is a significant stakeholder.
    Funding Organization
  11. The organization responsible for defining and managing the program-related governance processes, procedures, templates, etc. Provide support to individual program management teams or project managers by handling administrative functions centrally, even though this is done differently by different organizations.
    Program Management Office (PMO)
  12. The group responsible for ensuring that program goals are achieved and providing support for addressing program risks and issues.
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