Industrial Electronics CET prep

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  1. Resistors are used in electronic circuits to:
         A. limit Current
         B. Introduce a voltage drop
         C. Generate Heat
         D. all of the above are correct
    • D. all of the above are Correct
  2. A four layer diode is also known as:
        A. Schokley diode
        B. Schottky diode
        C. Hot-Carrier diode
        D. Both A and B are Correct
    A. Schokley Diode
  3. Squeezing the turns of a coil closer together will:

        A. Decrease the inductance 
        B. Increase the Inductance
        C. Have no effect on the Inductance
       B. Increase the inductance

  4. Which of the following operates with a reverse current?
        A. Varactor diodes
        B. Zener diodes
        C. Both choices are correct
      B. Zener diodes

  5. the voltage drop across a glowing LED is usually about:

        A. 0.7 Volts
        B. 1.6 Volts
    •     B. 1.6 Volts
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