Lab Practical 4

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  1. nostrils
    nose holes
  2. nasal cavity
    cavity behind nose. The whole area. like mountain.
  3. frontal sinus
    groove above nose. long.
  4. sphenoid sinus
    heart shaped groove behind nasal cavity
  5. pharynx
    top portion that begins behind the nasal cavity and ends where esophagus begins
  6. nasopharynx
    top portion of pharynx. curved canals ends where soft palate ends.
  7. oropharynx
    middle portion of pharynx. located under soft palate. right at entrance.
  8. laryngopharynx
    bottom portion of pharynx. begins where epiglottis is and ends where esophagus starts.
  9. nasopharynx
    parts of the pharynx
  10. larynx
    between epiglottis and trachea. It is pointed at right below the leaf like hole.
  11. laryngeal prominence
    bottom of V in larynx model. adam's apple
  12. vocal cords
    (shown on sagittal head and inside trachea/ larynx model) folds on inside.
  13. epiglottis
    shown on sagittal head model. always at an angle. piece that moves. (gate)
  14. thyroid cartilage
    flat gray part of larynx
  15. trachea
    thick tube with rings
  16. cartilaginous rings
    rings on trachea
  17. carina
    found on big model with bronchi. end of trachea. before right and left primary bronchus.
  18. left primary bronchus
    longer skinnier of the brimary bronchus
  19. right/left primary bronchus
    2 primaries. coming off from carina. Left is the longer
  20. right/left secondary bronchus
    bronchus coming after the second fork
  21. right/left tertiary bronchus
    colored bronchus at the ends
  22. right lung
    lung with 3 lobes
  23. left lung
    lung with 2 lobes
  24. apex
    top tip of lungs
  25. base
    bottom of lungs
  26. superior
    lobes of right lung
  27. superior
    lobes of left lung
  28. horizontal fissure
    horizontal lines found in right lung only. separates superior and middle lobes.
  29. oblique fissure
    line found in both right and left lungs. In right, it separates middle from inferior lobe. In left, it separates superior from inferior lobe.
  30. alveoli
    air sacs on lungs
  31. visceral pleura
    covers the lungs. clear membrane. white part
  32. pulmonary capillaries
    red and purple weblike. very thin all over alveoli
  33. pulmonary vein
    two red veins found in alveoli model. tree branches looking things.
  34. pulmonary artery
    dark blue vessel found in alveoli model. tree branch looking thing.
  35. diaphragm
    found on torso models and attached to base of lungs
  36. intercostal muscles
    muscles found between ribs
  37. oral cavity
    cavity above tongue. on sagittal head.
  38. lips
  39. superior labial frenulum
    piece of skin that you can touch with your mouth. It's in the upper part.
  40. inferior labial frenulum
    piece of skin that you can touch with your mouth. It's in the lower part of the mouth.
  41. hard palate
    roof of mouth
  42. soft palate
    its found behind hard palate
  43. uvula
  44. tongue
    big, pink muscle in oral cavity
  45. lingual frenulum
    membrane attaches tongue to floor of mouth
  46. crown
    top part of the tooth. white. stuff we see.
  47. root
    part of tooth stuck under gums
  48. gingiva
    pink gum between teeth
  49. enamel
    top layer. white. covering teeth
  50. dentin
    tooth cracked open. deeper middle layer. white with stripes.
  51. pulp
    bow looking thing inside tooth
  52. incisors
    • there are 2
    • front and lateral
  53. canines
    • there is one
    • colmillo
  54. premolars
    • there are 2
    • next to canine (colmillo)
  55. molars
    there are 3

    one is the wisdom (the last one)
  56. esophagus
    next to thoracic aorta behind heart. thinner. connects to pharynx
  57. gastroesophageal sphincter
    top of stomach. prevents backflow to the esophagus
  58. fundus
    top left side of stomach. bigger part.
  59. rugae
    stomach folds
  60. body
    part of the stomach, from fundus to the bottom of the stomach.
  61. pyloric sphincter
    bottom of stomach. between stomach and duodenum.
  62. plicae circularis
    rings inside duodenum
  63. duodenum
    first part of the small intestine. 1 foot long. next to pancreas.
  64. hepatopancreatic sphincter
    green spot inside duodenum
  65. jejunum
    middle 8 foot of s.i. pink. middle portion
  66. ileum
    last 12 feet of s.i. light part
  67. mesentery
    wall on back of small and large intestine.
  68. cecum
    round part found next to appendix. it shows on right side of colon model
  69. appendix
    fingerlike projection next to cecum
  70. haustra
    waves in colon
  71. ileocecal sphincter
    tiny hole in the center of the cecum
  72. ascending colon
    part of colon showing up
  73. transverse colon
    part of colon showing horizontally
  74. descending colon
    part of colon showing down
  75. sigmoid colon
    last portion of the colon. curved. left side
  76. rectum
    large thick opening below intestines
  77. anal canal
    canal after rectum
  78. anus
    outside part of anal canal
  79. parotid salivary gland
    yellow structure on half cover model. next to cheek
  80. submandibular salivary glands
    yellow structure under mandible
  81. sublingual salivary glands
    yellow structure under tongue
  82. right lobe
    thick side of the liver
  83. left lobe
    thin side of the liver
  84. round ligament
    white line that divides right and left lobe in liver.
  85. hepatic portal vein
    purple vein found in liver
  86. right and left hepatic ducts
    green "y" looking thing next to artery in liver
  87. common hepatic duct
    center of "y" before cystic duct begins on the side. green in color
  88. common bile duct
    bottom of "y" in liver. green in color
  89. gall bladder
    green structure under liver
  90. cystic duct
    green tube going down to the gall bladder from the liver.
  91. pancreatic duct
    white, thick tube running in middle of pancreas. It goes to duodenum
  92. renal capsule
    outer layer of kidney. it's what covers it.
  93. renal artery
    red vessel on kidney
  94. renal vein
    blue vessel on kidney
  95. renal cortex
    most outer part of the kidney
  96. renal columns
    space in between the triangles in kidney
  97. peritubular capillaries
    in nephron model. connecting the blue and the red
  98. renal medulla
    all pyramids together in kidney.
  99. renal pyramids
    triangles in renal medulla
  100. renal pelvis
    in kidney cross section model. stem part
  101. calyces
    tubes coming off the renal pelvis when it forks
  102. ureters
    yellow tubes. connect both kidneys. ends where it exits the kidneys.
  103. urinary bladder
    big circular structure with thick, wrinkly walls.
  104. detrusor muscle
    wall of bladder (muscle)
  105. trigone
    triangle found in cut off bladder model
  106. ureteral orifice
    found in cut off bladder model. two tiny holes. like eyes.
  107. external urethral orifice
    outside part. where pee comes out. different for male and female
  108. prostatic urethra
    line that runs within the prostate gland
  109. membranous urethra
    line that runs under the prostatic urethra, outside the prostate gland.
  110. penile urethra
    line that runs on penis
  111. renal corpuscle and renal tubule
    nephron make up of?
  112. glomerulus and Bowman's capsule
    renal corpuscle made of?
  113. glomerulus
    capillaries inside renal corpuscle
  114. afferent arteriole
    first arteriole, left of renal corpuscle
  115. efferent arteriole
    second arteriole. it forks. right of renal corpuscle
  116. Bowman's capsule
    white part, shell outside renal corpuscle
  117. proximal convoluted tube
    first convoluted tube in a nephron
  118. descending limb of loop of Henle
    tubule that goes down the loop of Henle
  119. ascending limb of loop of Henle
    tubule that goes up the loop of Henle
  120. distal convoluted tubule
    second convoluted part after ascending limb of loop of Henle
  121. collecting ducts
    part of renal medulla. goes into the calices. thick stem like structure.
  122. ovaries
    yellow ball and tube in females
  123. ovarian ligament
    yellow tube coming off ovaries
  124. fallopian tubes
    red tubes with ball that go on top on female model
  125. endometrium
    2 layers of uterus-pale pink and red pink
  126. myometrium
    muscle layer of uterus
  127. cervix
    cone shaped. neck of uterus
  128. cervical os
    opening in the middle of the cervix
  129. vaginal orifice
    opening of vagina
  130. external female genitalia
    • labia major
    • labia minor
    • clitoris
  131. mammary glands
    • areola
    • nipple
  132. scrotum
  133. testes
    white part. inside scrotum
  134. epididymis
    carne color on top of the testis.
  135. vas deferens
    long white tube connects epididymis
  136. testicular arteries and vein
    in testes
  137. seminal vesicles
    structure behind the bladder. cheese looking
  138. prostate gland
    red heart looking structure under urinary bladder
  139. glans penis
    little dots in head and on edges of penis
  140. prepuce
    • foreskin
    • bottom model has it
  141. sperm model
    • head
    • midpiece
    • tail
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