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  1. normotension
    • normal bp
    • 120/80
  2. normals for while blood cell count?
    • 4.5-10.5 K/UL
    • 450,000 - 1,050,000/cubic millimeters
  3. normals for red blood cell
    4.6-6.2 M/UL
  4. normals for platelets?
    • 150-450 K/UL
    • 150,000 - 450,000
  5. what does a pulse ox do?
    measures lvl of 02 on the hemoglobin
  6. PaO2
    Arterial partial preassure of o2
  7. Co2
    carbon dioxide
  8. Where does a patient go if they are getting any type of scan?
    nuclear medicine
  9. What is an MRI?
    • magnetic rsonance imaging
    • sending magnetic and radio waves to see inside the body
  10. what is radiology?
    use of x-ray to take pictures
  11. Epistaxis
    nose bleed
  12. Rhinitis
    inflamed mucous and infection inside the nose.
  13. Rhinorea
    discharge in the nose
  14. PET scan
    • positron emission tomography
    • combo of nuclear med and CT of the brain
  15. apnea
    not breathing
  16. dyspnea
    troubled breathing
  17. parts of the airway
    • pharynx
    • larynx
    • trachea
    • brachea
  18. pyohorax
    pus in the pleural cavity
  19. pharyngitis
    inflamation of the throat
  20. hemophysis
    spitting up blood
  21. chronic leukemia
    abnormal production of wbc that crowds

    • pneumonia
    • infection of the lungs due to bacteria
  22. myelo dysplagia
    • condition in the bone marrow
    • progresses into leukemia
  23. lysis
    breakdown of cell membrane
  24. hodgkins disease
    form of lymphoma
  25. spleenomegaly
    enlarged spleen
  26. lymphadenopathy
    enlarged lymphnode
  27. congenital anomalics of the heart
    • birth defects of the heart
    • usually prevents flow of blood
  28. arteriosclerosis
    hardening of the artery walls
  29. atheroslercosis
    hardening of the fat inside the vessel
  30. CHF left side
    couigh with sputum, blood build up in lungs
  31. CHF right side
    Swelling in the feet, JVD
  32. angina pectoris
    chest pain
  33. what is the liquid portion of the blood
  34. arterial blood gas
    blood test using blod from the arteries
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