Psych exam 3

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  1. What is a Psychological disorder?
    Deviant, distressful, dysfunctional behavior patterns
  2. What do Rorschach inkblots encourage?
    They encourage people to express their inner feelings in response to looking at ambiguous pictures
  3. What is not a cause of anxiety?
    Under-active frontal lobes
  4. What are the big 5 personality factors?
    • Conscientiousness
    • Agreeable
    • Neuroticism
    • Open to experience
    • Extroversion
  5. What is associated with PTSD?
    • Social withdrawal
    • Jumpy annoyance
    • Nightmares
  6. What is Not reciprocal determinism?
    Your genes
  7. Fundamental traits are?
    Characteristics behaviors and conscious motives
  8. What is an example of displacement?
    A manager reprimanding an employee after a negative review from the CEO
  9. What is the spotlight effect?
    How much we feel others notice us
  10. WHo pioneered the concept of unconditional positive regard?
  11. Someone who refuses to perceive painful realities is showing what?
  12. What is Self-actualization?
    The process of fulfilling our potential
  13. Intense dread, dizziness and chest pain are symptoms of what?
    Panic disorder
  14. What is external locus control?
    The perception that outside forces control your destiny
  15. Repressing angry feelings and showing exaggerates friendliness is what?
    Reaction formation
  16. When you are a victim of a self -fulfilling prophecy?
    You act as other expect you to
  17. An extraverted person is most likely to?
    Have low brain arousal
  18. What so the big 5 personality traits predict?
    Average behavior across situations
  19. Which is a group of disorders characterized by disorganized thinking, disturbed perceptions and inappropriate emotions and actions?
  20. Murderous minds have reduced activation in what area?
    Frontal cortex.
  21. Rationalization is?
    Generating self-justifying explanations that hide one's real motives
  22. What does MMPI assess?
    Abnormal personality tendencies
  23. Which neurotransmitter is the most involved in schizophrenia?
  24. DSM-IV is?
    A classification scheme
  25. Which is not true of those who are excessively optimistic?
    They consider the risks of their actions
  26. Which are two forms of mood disorders?
    Major depression and bipolar disorders.
  27. Calm, secure, and self satisfied are "endpoints" of?
  28. Which is an example of regression?
    Escaping the world by mentally "going back" to childhood
  29. Moody and reversed people are _____?
    Unstable introverted
  30. Which disorders is most culturally universal?
  31. Rats subjected to unpredictable shocks become chronically anxious. This suggests that anxiety is a response primarily to?
    Fear conditioning
  32. The phallic stage occurs during?
    3-6 yrs
  33. Which defense mechanism involves retreating to an earlier stage of development?
  34. The oral stage occurs during?
  35. When is the Anal stage?
  36. When is the Latency stage?
  37. Which combines keen intelligence, charming personality, and amorality?
    Antisocial personality disorder
  38. Accepting credit for successes but blaming the situation for poor performance is?
    Self-serving bias
  39. When you relax and say what comes to mind, no matter how embarrassing or trivial, this is _____?
    Free association
  40. Which disorder is marked by hyperactivity, impulsivity and extreme inattention?
  41. Someone who is disciplined, organized and careful has a high level of what?
  42. What is learned helplessness?
    Passive resignation in the face of aversive events
  43. In bipolar disorder, the brain rapidly consumes glucose during what state?
  44. What should you NOT say if you want to ten an apartment?
    Im getting out of a mental hospital in a few days
  45. Which is based on sexual an aggressive drives?
  46. What are the criteria for Harmful dysfunction?
    • Atypical
    • Maladaptive
    • Disturbing
    • Unjustified
  47. What are three personality disorders?
    • Narcissistic personality disorder
    • Antisocial personality disorder
    • Borderline personality disorder
  48. What are the defense mechanisms?
    • Repression
    • Projection
    • Displacement
    • Sublimation
    • Denial
    • Regression
    • Rationalization
    • Reaction formation
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