Regular -Er verbs

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  1. Chanter
    To sing
  2. Travailler
    To work
  3. vider
    to empty
  4. passer
    to pass/ to spend time
  5. penser
    to think
  6. porter
    to wear/to carry
  7. rêver
    to dream
  8. sembler
    to seem
  9. skier
    To skii
  10. trouver
    to find
  11. voler
    to fly/to steal
  12.  réveiller
    to wake up
  13. laver
    to wash
  14. monter
    to mount/to climb
  15. poser
    to put
  16. camper
    to camp
  17. louer
    to rent
  18. ranger
    to pick up
  19. arroser
    to water
  20. chercher
    to look for
  21. étudier
    to study
  22. parler
    to talk
  23. regarder
    to look/watch
  24. donner
    to give
  25. visiter
    to visit
  26. arriver
    to arrive
  27. danser
    to dance
  28. déposer
    to deposit/
  29. détester
    to deteste/ to hate
  30. écouter
    to listen
  31. fermer
    to close
  32. goûter
    to taste
  33. jouer
    to play
  34. neiger
    to snow
  35. sauter
    to jump
  36. grimper
    to climb
  37. attraper
    to catch
  38. marcher
    to walk
  39. réparer
    to repair/ to fix
  40. ressembler
    to look like
  41. retrouver
    to find/ torecover
  42. rencontrer
    to meet (encontrar)
  43. laisser
    to leave
  44. gagner
    to win
  45. habiller
    to dress (vestir)
  46. enseigner
    to teach/ to instruct
  47. pousser
    to push/ to grow
  48. toucher
    to touch
  49. couper
    to cut
  50. mesurer
    to measure
  51. compter
    to count
  52. ajouter
    to add
  53. verser
    to pay (pagar)
  54. voter
    to vote
  55. quitter
    to leave
  56. accorder
    to give/ to grant (conceder)
  57. signer
    to sign (up)
  58. démarrer
    • to start
    • ex: Je démarre la voiture.
  59. freiner
    slow down/ brake
  60. arrêter
    to stop
  61. rouler
    to roll/ to drive along (rodar)
  62. dépasser
    to exceed/ to over take/ surpass (rebasar)
  63. garer
    to park
  64. débrouiller 
  65. moquer
    to mock/ to make fun of (burlarse)
  66. basculer
    to toggle (palanca) / to switch to
  67. embrasser
    to kiss
  68. éloigner
    to take away (alejar)
  69. prier
    to pray
  70. montrer
    to show
  71. graver
    to engrave/ to etch
  72. cliquer
    to click
  73. naviguer
    to navigate
  74. sauvegarder
    to save
  75. se planter (informatique)
    to crash
  76. souhaiter
    to wish

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Some regular -Er verbs translated to English or spanish
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