Psychology of Women

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  1. Motherhood as a source of discrimination
    Many employers are reluctant to pay pregnancy-related benefits or accommodate women's reproductive role
  2. Does the united states offer  provisions for pregnancy leaves
    No. One of few countries that make no provision or paid maternity laves
  3. How many women with young children are in the labor force
  4. How many countries offer paid paternity leave
  5. Discrimination of sexual orientation
    • Legal in the US
    • Lesbian and bisexual women earn 13-15% less than heterosexual women
  6. Job dominated by women
    often difficult and more dangerous
  7. Stereo typing is most likely when:
    • The person is a token in work environments
    • Members of a previously excluded group are moving into new roles
    • The person social category seems not to fit the job
    • Evaluation criteria are ambiguous

    *management mus take the lead
  8. Paid equality legislation
    Women and men should be paid equally for equivalent work
  9. Comparable worth
    women and men should be paid equally for work of equal level
  10. Affirmative action
    A set of strategies to increase the proportion of women and monitory hired particularly in job from which they've been excluded
  11. Women strength and fitness
    • Sacrifice movement for beauty
    • lack of encouragement to develop strong bodies
    • pressures for modesty of dress
    • safety concern
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