Unit 4

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  1. generic name
    assigned by USAN used throughout the drugs lifetime "aspirin"
  2. trade (brand) name
    name given by drug manufacturer & identifies it as property of that company "Advil"
  3. otic medications
    installations or irrigations of the external auditory canal; sterile technique.
  4. To treat ethmoid and shenoid sinuses:
    lie back head tipped backward
  5. To treat maxillary and frontal sinuses:
    lie back head tipped backward & to the side
  6. B before C
    bronchodilator before corticosteroid
  7. metered dose inhaler MDI
    a handheld nebulizer
  8. hypoxia
    inadequate amount of O2
  9. excessive amount of oxygen can lead to:
    pulmonary oxygen toxicity, absorption atelectasis or hypercapnia
  10. nasal cannula
    (24% to 45%) at flow rates of 2 to 6 L/min.
  11. simple face mask
    40% to 60% at liter flows of 5 to 8 L/min,
  12. partial rebreather mask
    40% to 60% at liter flows of 6 to 10 L per minute
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