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  1. To be: positive and negative

    I ____ Osvaldo.

    I ____ not John.
    I am Osvaldo.

    I'm not Steven
  2. To BE: positive and negative

    You ____ my student.

    You ____ my teacher.
    You are my student.

    You aren't my teacher.
  3. To be: positive and negative

    We ____ friends.

    We ____ enemies.
    We are friends.

    We aren't enemies.
  4. TO BE: postive and negative: they

    Paul and Steve _____ friends.

    They ____ brothers.
    Paul and Steve are friends.

    They aren't brothers.
  5. TO BE: he she it

    He ____ Paul.

    Mary ____ my teacher.
    He is Paul.

    Mary isn´t my teacher.
  6. Are you tired?

    Yes, _______

    No, ________
    Yes, I am.

    No, I'm not.
  7. Is John your brother?

    Yes, ______

    No, ______
    Yes, he is.

    No, he isn't.
  8. Is Lucy your teacher?

    Yes, _____

    No, ______
    Yes, she is.

    No, she isn't.
  9. Are we studying?

    Yes, _________

    No, __________
    Yes, we are.

    No, we aren't.
  10. Are Peter and Susan friends?

    Yes, __________

    No, ___________
    Yes, they are.

    No, they aren't.
  11. Is this your cell phone?

    Yes, _____

    No, _____
    Yes, it is.

    No, it isn't.
  12. I am : contraction
  13. He is : contraction
  14. PAST OF BE: positive and negative

    I / He / She / It     _______   hungry!
    • I was hungry.
    • He was hungry.

    • She wasn't hungry.
    • It wasn't hungry.
  15. PAST OF BE: positive and negative

    You/we/they     _______   hungry!
    • You were hungry.
    • We were hungry.

    They weren't hungry.
  16. past of BE:

    ____ you/they/we tired yesterday?
    • Were you tired yesterday?
    • Were they happy yesterday?
    • Were we here before?
  17. Where ____ you ____ yesterday? (go)
    Where did you go yesterday?
  18. Who _____ he ______ last week? (visit)
    Who did he visit last week?
  19. _____you  at work yesterday?

    No, I ______. I ______ at a job interview.
    Were you at work yesterday?

    No, I wasn't. I was at a job interview.
  20. How ____ school yesterday?

    It _____ fun. I love Phonics!
    How was school yesterday?

    It was fun. I love Phonics! =)
  21. Was David at the party on friday night?

    No, _________
    No, he wasn't.
  22. He ___ happy. He ____ worried.
    He is happy. He isn't worried.
  23. plural STUDENT
  24. 1 child, 2 ________
  25. 1 woman, 2 ________
  26. 1 man, 2 ______
  27. 1 leaf, 2 _______
  28. 1 dictionary, 2 __________
  29. 1 baby, 2 ______
  30. 1 class, 2 _______
  31. 1 watch, 2
  32. 1 potato, 2 ___________
  33. 1 tomato, 2 __________
  34. _________________?

    My name is Monica.
    What is your name?

    My name is Monica.
  35. Why _______________?

    I am late because of the accident.
    Why are you late?

    I am late because of the accident.
  36. Who _______________?

    Alejandro is my brother.
    Who is Alejandro?

    Alejandro is my brother.
  37. between.....
    • the cat is between the two dogs
    • Image Upload
  38. Where is the monster?
    Image Upload
    the monster is behind the door
  39. Where is the cat?Image Upload
    • Image Upload
    • the cat is UNDER the chair
  40. Where is the rabbit?Image Upload
    the rabbit is in the box
  41. Where is the rabbit?
    Image Upload
    The rabbit is on the table.
  42. where is the dinosaur?
    • the dinosaur is in back of the tree.
    • the dinosaur is behind the tree.
  43. where are you?
    Image Upload
    • I'm in school.
    • I'm at school.
  44. Where is he?
    Image Upload
    He's at work.
  45. When do you sleep?

    At 9 p.m.
  46. Where do you sleep?
    In my bed!
  47. Why do you sleep?
    Because I'm tired!
  48. What do you need?
    • QUE?
    • I need help!
  49. WHO is your mother

    My mother is Xinia!
  50. How is your mother?
    • COMO
    • She is fine!
  51. Suggestions

    why don't....
  52. requests
  53. order
    Stand up!

    Sit down!
  54. instructions
    como hacer algo:

    turn on the machine and put the cake in.
  55. directions
    como llegar a un lugar:

    turn left on baker street
  56. change into a question:

    their family works on a farm.
    Does their family work on a farm.

    No, they don't.
  57. Lucila teaches English in Heredia?
    Does Lucila teach English in Heredia?

    No, she doesn't.
  58. change into a question>

    Plants grow faster in winter.
    Do plants grow faster in winter?

    No, they don't.
  59. change into a question.

    Chef Luca prepares wonderful dishes.
    Does Chef Luca prepare wonderful dishes?

    Yes, he does.
  60. change into a question and give the answer.

    Tigers live in Asia.
    Do tigers live in Asia?

    Yes, they do.
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