HUBS Nervous System

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  1. Describe structure/function of Astrocytes
    • CNS
    • Connect with capillaries and neurons
    • convert glucose to lactic acid - feed neurons
    • Form tight sheaths around capillaries - part of Blood-Brain-Barrier
  2. Describe structure/function of Microglia
    • CNS
    • Stationary until required
    • Phagocytosis of inflamed/degenerating brain tissue
  3. Describe structure/function of Oligodendrocytes
    • CNS¬†
    • Form rows between nerve cells
    • Hold nerve cells together
    • Produce myelin sheath
  4. Describe structure/function of Ependymal cells
    • CNS
    • Resemble epithelial cells
    • In ventral cavity of brain - choroid plexus
    • Some synthesis CSF
    • Some circulate CSF via cillia
  5. Describe structure/function of Schwann cells
    • PNS
    • Holds nerve fibres in bundles
    • May/may not myelinate these nerve fibres
    • Neurilemma - area superficial to myelin sheath
  6. Describe the structure of a multipolar neuron
    Multiple process from the cell body
  7. Describe the structure of a bipolar neuron
    Exactly 2 process from the cell body
  8. Describe the structure of a Pseudounipolar neuron
    Exactly one process from the cell body - splits in to peripheral process (with dendrites) and the central process (axon)
  9. Terminology of signal direction
    • Afferent (ascending to the brain)
    • Efferent (descending from the ¬†brain)
  10. Name: CNS - group of cell bodies
  11. Name: CNS - group of axons
  12. Name: Cerebral cortex - group of cell bodies
    Grey matter
  13. Name: Cerebral cortex - group of axons
    White matter
  14. Name: PNS - group of cell bodies
  15. Name: PNS - group of axons
  16. Name the three types of synaptic junctions
    • Axodentritic - axon innervating dentrites
    • Axosomatic - axon innervating the cell body
    • Axoaxonic - axon innervating an axon
  17. Describe the structure of a synapse and how it operates
    • Electrical signal travels down PRESYNAPTIC cell
    • Chemical signal released from SYNAPTIC CLEFT
    • Electrical signal sent down POSTSYNAPTIC cell
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