Midobuche Exam 1

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  1. Grammar Translation focuses on What, When, and How, but not?
  2. What is the Grammar Translation Method?
    Focus on learning rules of the language and working withtexts; translating from FL to Mother Tongue
  3. Grammar Translation dates back to?
    Roman Empire
  4. Techniques of Grammar Translation?
    • 1. Focus on detail explanation.
    • 2. Focus on grammar rules.
    • 3. Focus on constant practice and translation.
    • 4. Conjugation exercises.
    • 5. Memorization.
  5. Teacher role in Grammar Translation?
    • 1. Teacher centered: knowledge to be given to student, not to be learned by student.
    • 2. Teacher to explain rules, exceptions, irregularities and applications.
    • 3. Translation practice reinforced teacher points
  6. Student Role in Grammar Translation?
    • 1. Conjugate verbs.
    • 2. Memorize vocab
    • 3. Learning syntactic rules and exceptions
    • 4. Taking dictation
    • 5. Translating written passages; from isolated sentences to short texts meant no emphasis on meaning or reading.
  7. Grammar Translation is still currently used in?
    Secondary (high school/college) Foreign language classrooms in US
  8. Advantages of Grammar Translation Method?
    • Student has background information/rules to help piece together grammatically and conversationally correct sentences.
    • Creates conversation
    • Able to communicate with others of the language
  9. Disadvantages of Grammar Translation Method?
    • Need to be self motivated
    • Not all students learn languages easily?
    • Drill and Kill

    • Not learner Centered
    • Inability to speak the language fluently
    • "If you don't use it you lose it"
  10. Audio Lingual Method based on what Ideology?
  11. How is Audio Lingual method presented?
    • Instructor presents correct model of sentence and students repeatedly say it.  
    • There is no explicit grammar instruction-everything is memorized.
  12. When was Audio Lingual Method dominant in US?
    1940's to 1960's
  13. Why was the Audio Lingual Method invented?
    • People saw problems with grammar based approaches
    • 1. they did not develop the individual's oral language very well
    • 2. they did not allow opportunity for practice of language.
  14. What are some objectives of the Audio Lingual Method?
    • Accurate pronunciation and grammar
    • Ability to respond quickly
    • Accurately in speech situations
    • Knowledge of sufficient vocab to use with grammar patterns
  15. How do you implement the Audio Lingual Method?
    • Variety of drills and dialogues.
    • Repetition
    • 3 stage method: presentation, practice, production
  16. What is the procedure of Audio Lingual Method?
    • 1. Students hear a model dialogue
    • 2. Students repeat each line of the dialogue
    • 3. Certain key words or phrases may be changed in the dialogue
    • 4. Key structures from the dialogue serves as the basis for pattern drills of different kinds.
    • 5. The students practice substitutions in the pattern drill.
  17. Teacher Role in Audio Lingual Method?
    • Be sure all utterances are within practiced pattern.
    • Keep Drills at a rapid speed to insure automaticity and establish a system.
    • Ignore all but gross errors of pronunciation
    • Drill material must be meaningful
  18. Students Role in Audio Lingual Method?
    • Focus
    • Conduct Drills rapidly
    • Not to use native language
  19. What is the modern use of Audio Lingual Method?
    • Rate of speech is slowed down
    • Visuals and Manipulatives added
    • More informal interaction
    • More Wait time
    • Complimentary to natural Approach
  20. Advantages to Audio Lingual Method?
    • Student errors are corrected on spot
    • Grammar taught inductively
    • Fun for students
    • Offers a change of pace from class routine
    • Vocab presented at age appropriate level and controlled
  21. What is Negative Transfer?
    Occurs when students transfer grammatical concept from native language that doesn't work the same way in second language
  22. Disadvantages of Audio Lingual Method?
    • Not a good strategy for shy students
    • Teacher training is a must before strategy is used
    • Some drills may not work aw well as others
    • If students fails to learn a drill they may shell up and give up
    • Non-authentic use of language
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