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  1. Telegram to the German Ambassador at Vienna
    Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann
  2. Telegram to the German Ambassador at Vienna
    July 6, 1914
  3. What are the preceding events to the telegram
    • assassination of A-H heir, Franz Ferdinand, by the Serbs and a desire to war against Serbia
    • Russia is ready to support Serbia
    • A-H then allied with Germany 
    • the telegram is called the blank check
  4. Explain the telegram.
    • the message is from Emperor Francis Joseph to Emperor Wilhelm II about Vienna's desire to wage war against Serbia
    • He replied to Count Szagyeny (A-H ambassador to Berlin) about the emperor's acknowledgment of the threat to AH and the Triple Alliance (AH, Italy, Germany)
    • Wilhelm prefers Romanian union, but AH wants Bulgaria
    • FJ also wants to influence King Carol to ally adn renounce Serbia
    • He ends by saying that AH has Germany's support
  5. Poems: Dulce Et Decorum Est and Disabled
  6. Wilfred Owen date
  7. Owen's background
    • greatest because of his vivid depictions of industrialized warfare
    • subject was war and its pity
    • no war poems available during his lifetime; killed in battle a week before the Armistice surrendered
  8. Explain Dulce et Decorum Est
    • explaining the front line of soldiers at war
    • Men were tired, lost boots, limped, didn't realize the hoots of shells behind

    He then explains a change in scene. The men are exposed with gas and must get their helmets on, but sonone doesn't make it

    • He then relates the gruesome image of the man dying in the wagon they put him in. 
    • White eyes from a hanging face
    • Blood gargling
    • As bad as cancer

    He ends with "It is a noble and fitting thing to die for one's country"
  9. Explain Disabled
    • about a man who is in a wheelchair with no leg in a park watching life go about him and reminiscing/ dreaming about his past:
    • The Town was happy and girls always paid attention to him
    • Artists were obsessed with his face and youth; now he is old and has lost his vigor
    • When he was young, he thought about joining the war and now regrets it; 
    • People said he'd look good in kilts 
    • He joined to please his Meg
    • They immediately accepted him: 19 years old
    • He went in fearless and was soon drafted

    • Now he is sick and old and takes whatever pity people give him. Women don't even look at him
    • Someone should put him out of misery
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