Science: Human Genetics

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  1. Mendel studied traits in peas that were controlled by just....
    2 alleles
  2. Can traits be controlled by more than 2 alleles?
  3. A trait that is said to be controlled by more than 2 alleles is called...
    Multiple Alleles
  4. What is human blood type controlled by?
    Multiple Alleles
  5. Which blood type is both recessive to A and B?
  6. What is the codominant blood type?
  7. What is blood type determined by?
    The type of antigen present on the surface of red blood cells
  8. O antigen produces what type of Antibodies?
  9. AB Antigen produces what type of Antibodies?
  10. A Antigen produces what type of Antibodies?
  11. B Antigen produces what type of Antibodies?
  12. No antigens is..
    O blood
  13. A antigens is...
    A blood
  14. B antigens is..
    B blood
  15. AB antigens is...
    AB blood
  16. Marker on outside of Red Blood Cells?
  17. Fights off foreign Red Blood Cells
  18. What is the universal donor?
    O blood
  19. What is the universal recipient?
    AB blood
  20. Why is O blood the universal donor?
    Due to the fact that there is no antigens on the surface of the red blood cells
  21. Why is AB blood the universal recipient?
    Because they both have A and B antigens on the surface of the red blood cell
  22. Why is it important to know your blood types?
    Your immune system could reject foreign blood cells. Therefore, transfusing foreign blood cells could be dangerous
  23. What is another word for Rh factor?
    Rhesus monkey
  24. What is Colorblindness caused by?
    Recessive Alleles
  25. Sex-linked disorder found only on the X chromosome
  26. What is the percentages for Colorblindness in Males and Females?
    • Males-8%
    • Females-1%
  27. Why can't a male be a carrier for colorblindness?
    You can't have more than one X for a male. Since they only have one X they can't be a carrier.
  28. What does the blood lack in Hemophilia?
  29. When does Polygenic Inheritance occur?
    When many genes affect a particular trait
  30. Give examples of Polygenic Traits
    • Skin color
    • Eye color
    • Height
  31. Dominant allele disorder
    Huntington's disease
  32. Huntington's Disease:
    Which chromosome is it?
    What age do the symptoms start?
    What is it mistaken for?
    What is a symptom of it?
    What is the result of this disease?
    • #4
    • 35-40 (middle age)
    • Alcholism, Schizophrenia, & bipolar disorder
    • Muscle paralysis
    • Death (no known cure)
  33. How many people does Huntington's Disease affect?
  34. Which disease is Neurological degenerative disease?
  35. Why is HH not possible in Huntington's disease?
    There would be a spontaneous abortion because when the body recognizes that you have it, the body rejects the baby.
  36. Why can't Hh be a carrier in Huntington's Disease?
    If you have a capital allele that just means you have it.
  37. Cystic Fibrosis:
    Which chromosome?
    What is the result of this disease?
    What is the age for the result?
    • #7
    • Death
    • Age 30-40
  38. Genetic Disorder caused by a build up of mucus in the lungs and digestive system
    Cystic Fibrosis
  39. The most common genetic disorder that causes death in Caucasians?
    Cystic Fibrosis
  40. A technique for loosening mucus in the airway sot hat it may be coughed out. The doctor taps on certain spots.
    Postural Drainage
  41. What is PKU?
  42. PKU:
    Chromosome #?
    Affects how many Caucasians?
    One symptom?
    Result of this disease?
    How can this disease be treated?
    • #12
    • 1/10,000
    • Black urine
    • Build up of proteins in the brain
    • By a proper diet
  43. Disease caused by a person's inability to break down proteins
  44. Tay Sach's Disease:
    Chromosome #?
    How many Jewish are affected?
    Results and age?
    • #15
    • 1/3,500
    • Death 4-5 years old
  45. Disease that is fat accumulation in the brain
    Tay Sach's Disease
  46. What are the Recessive Genetic Disorders?
    • Cystic Fibrosis
    • PKU
    • Tay Sach's Disease
    • Sickle Cell Anemia
  47. Individuals with Sickle Cell Anemia produce what?
    Abnormal hemoglobin
  48. A protein found in the red blood cells
  49. What happens during Sickle Cell Anemia?
    The abnormal hemogoblin molecules pack together to form rods. This causes red blood cells to become sickle shaped.
  50. Different severties of a disorder
  51. How is Sickle Cell Anemia favorable?
    • 1. 10% of people with African ancestry carry the sickle cell allele
    • 2. Heterozygous individuals are resistant to malaria
  52. Tools used to follow a trait through generations of families
  53. Why do geneticists use pedigrees?
    To determine the inheritance pattern of a trait
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