Chem Stuff Ch. 1

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  1. Aufbau Principle
    States that when building up the electron configuration of an atom, electrons are placed in orbitals, subshells, and shells in order of increasing energy
  2. Pauli Exclusion Principle
    within an atom, no two electrons can have the same set of quantum numbers
  3. Hund's Rule
    when an electron is added to a subshell, it will always occupy an empty orbital if one is available
  4. Diamagnetic elements
    • have all of their electrons spin paired
    • not affected by magnetic fields
  5. Paramagnetic Elements
    • do not have all of their electrons spin paired
    • affected by magnetic fields
  6. Quantized
    electrons can only exist at specific energy levels, separated by specific intervals
  7. Milikan's Experiment
    able to calculate the charge on an electron by examining the behavior of charged oil drops in an electric field
  8. Thomson's Experiment
    watched the deflection of charges in a cathode ray tube and put forth the idea that atoms are composed of positive and negative charges
  9. Rutherford's Experiment
    led him to conclude that all of the positive charge in an atom was concentrated in the center and that an atom is mostly empty space
  10. Neils Bohr
    • took quantum theory and used it to predict that electrons orbit the nucleus at specific fixed radii, like planets orbiting the Sun
    • does not work for complex atoms
  11. Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle
    it is impossible to know both the position and momentum of an electron at a particular instant
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