Arts Review: People to Remember

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  1. Darius
    • Persian king
    • innovation official logo,
    • Persepolis
    • archer
    • son xerxes
  2. Polyclytus
    • greek sculpture
    • invented way of posing figure- contraposto:one side active other relaxed
    • book: canon
  3. Asherbanirpa
    attacked by lion, modeled ruleafter epic of gilgamesh
  4. Pericles
    Athenian General
  5. Themistochles
    • Athenian general
    • king Xerxes invades Greece with 2 million men at island of salamis
  6. Laocooan: Priest of Troy
    Priest of Troy
  7. Kleisthene
    Grand architect of democracy
  8. Pericles encouraged Athens to go to war with
    encouraged Athens to go to war with sparta
  9. Akhenaton
    • moved capitol thebes to amarna
    • monotheist
    • pharoah
  10. Alexander the great’s dad
    Philip of macedon
  11. Who is over the Trojan's Column?
    St. Peter
  12. What is a Gyre?
    • falconer
    • aristocrat who controls the
    • bird
    • symbol of center not being able to hold any longer
  13. Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach
    • relationship btwnocean currents and fate.
    • Sense of determinism.
    • Waves advance and recede.
  14. Imhotep
    architect of step pyramid in Saqqara
  15. Which greek deity was the Parthenon dedicated
  16. Kauros/Kora
    • Kauros: statuary devoted to young men
    • Kora: female figure devoted to young women
    • points to more realism
  17. Karyotid
    female figure that bears the weight of a column
  18. Gobeklitepe predates cities
    • predates cities
    • Prehistoric worship complex
    • inspire architectural revolution
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