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  1. How people use words to compel audiences to change or solidify their beliefs. Specific interest areas include political speeches, audience analysis, argumentation, rhetorical criticism, and rhetorical theory.
    Speech and Rhetorical Studies
  2. Research of communication within various contects. Topics of study include interpesonal communication, organizational communication, intercultural communication, health and risk communication, and social influence.
    Communication Studies
  3. The history and current state of the media industries, critical analysis of the messages transmitted by media institutions, and examination of the relationship between the mass media and culture.
    Mass Communication and Media Studies
  4. The development, use, regulation, and imapct of radio, television, telephony, the internt, and other such technologies. For example, scholars may study population trends in television viewing or challenges raise dby the use of online communication.
    Telecommunication Studies
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