CRIM 1100

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  1. Goals of institutions
    • Custody
    • Rehabilitation
  2. Custody
    • Of those sentenced to a custodial term
    • Punishment may occur as a result of custody (lack of freedom)
    • Security is first priority of institutions
    • Security of public, staff, inmates
  3. Treatment jeopardizes security, so...
    As security goes up, treatment goes down
  4. Levels of Security-Minimum
    • Not likely to escape; not dangerous
    • Emphasis on: rehabilitation, reintegration
  5. Levels of Security-Medium
    • Likely to escape; not dangerous
    • Emphasis on: security, but access to rehabilitation programs
  6. Levels of Security-Maximum
    • Likely to escape and dangerous
    • Emphasis on: Definite security
  7. Rehabilitation
    • Provision of programs to aid offender in becoming a law-abiding citizen
    • In conflict with custody
    • The lower the security level, the more treatment opportunities
    • Done through case management
    • Examples of programs include: literacy, cognitive skills, sex offender treatment, substance abuse intervention, family violence programs
  8. Classification of Offenders
    • Offenders once sentences to incarceration, are classified according to risks and needs associated with each offender
    • Court sentences to period of incarceration but does not specify level of security or the specific institution
    • Classification done at Classification Centers (measured by likelihood to escape and danger)
  9. Concept of "Cascading"
    • Through period of incarceration, offender may cascade (move) to lower level of security institution to prepare for reintegration into community
    • As security levels are reduced; more opportunities for treatment programs
    • As security decreases; treatment increases
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