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  1. Trepidation (n)
     : fearful uncertainty or anxiety خوف
  2. Acrimonious (adj)
    :bitter or harsh حاد
  3. Eccentric (adj)
     : unusual or extraordinaryغريب الاطوار
  4. Saccharine (adj)
     containing or producing sugar, or being too sweet or sugary سكري حالي
  5. Zealous (adj)
     showing extreme enthusiasm or devotion متحمس  
  6. Scrutinize (v) :
     to look at very closely or to inspect فحص
  7. Guile (n)
    : slyness or cunning in dealing with others دهاء
  8. Incongruous (adj)
    : lacking harmony or agreement, or being absurd.. غير لائق متناقض
  9. Reticent (adj)
    : silent, uncommunicative or quiet.. صموت
  10. Vexatious  (adj)
    annoying or troublesome.. مغيض مزعج
  11. Feign (v)  
     to pretend, imagine, or make up such as a story or excuse.. اختلق او تظاهر
  12. Reproach (trv)
    to blame someone for a fault, to accuse or scold.. عتاب
  13. Rescind (v) 
     to revoke or cancel..  الغاء
  14. Neutral (adj)
     not taking part in eitherside of a dispute or quarrel, or a war.. محايد
  15. Abdicate (v)
    to give up power or control.. تخلى عن العرش او تنازل
  16. Befuddle (v)
    to confuse someone.. اربك شوش
  17. Retinue (n)
    group of assistants مساعدين, followers or servants attending a person of importance.. حاشية الملك
  18. Indolence (n)
    كسل.. idleness تسيب.. , laziness
  19. Unprecedented (adj)
    having no precedent or parallel, being unheard of, unique.. لم يسبق لها مثيل
  20. Tentative (adj)
    hesitant or cautious; it can also mean something done as an experiment.. مبدئي
  21. Provocative (adj)
    stimulating, as in provoking an action, thought, or feeling.. الاستفزازية
  22. Refute (tr-verb)
    to prove a person, argument, or statement to be false.. دحض
  23. Tangible (adj)
    that which can be touched or felt by touch.. محسوس ملموس
  24. Stationary (adj)
     : not moving or progressing, inactive..  ثابت
  25. Successive (adj)
    : following one after another in sequence.. المتعاقبه
  26. Atrophy (n)
    wasting away, especially of body tissue, muscle, or organ.. ضمور
  27. assuage (v)
     : to ease the pain, to soothe, or to pacify.. تهدئه
  28. Whim (n)
    : a sudden notion, idea, or desire; an impul..نزوه
  29. Wistful (adj)
    : expressing vague longings or having desires tinged with sadness.. حزين
  30. Meddlesome (adj)
    : being inclined to interfere or tamper with something or someone.. حشريين
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