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  1. Is weight a vector or scalar quantity? What is the formula for calculating weight?
    Weight is a vector quantity.

    Weight = (mass) x (Gravity)
  2. What are Newton's Three Law of Motion?
    (1) A body in motion with constant velocity in a straight line path or at rest will remain that way unless a net force acts upon it.

    (2) Force = (mass) x (acceleration) = ma

    (3) To every force there is always an equal and opposite force.
  3. What are the formulas for the initial horizontal and vertical velocities of a projectile launched with speed v at an angle of θ to the horizontal?
    The horizontal velocity is vcosθ, and the vertical velocity is vsinθ.
  4. What does the total horizontal distance, x, traveled by a projectile equal?
    x = (initial horizontal velocity) x (time in the air).
  5. What is the formula for the gravitalional force? F =
    F = Image Upload 1
  6. If the distance between two objects is doubled, by how much is the force of gravity increased or decreased?
    The force would decrease by a factor of 4 (22).
  7. (T/F) A body in translational equilibrium has a net force moving it at a constant velovity.
    False, a body in translational equilibrium has no net force acting on it.
  8. If a lever arm is halved, by how much does the torque increase or decrease?
    The torque would decrease by half.
  9. What is the formula for calculating torque? r =
    r = rFsinθ (r = distance between force and axis of rotation)
  10. When calculating torque, which rotation direction is considered positive and which negative?
    Counterclockwise is positive.

    Clockwise is negative.
  11. (T/F) For rotational equilibrium to occur, the sum of all torques acting on a body must be zero.
  12. What is translational motion?
    Translational motion is defined as motion in which the position of the object's center of mass changes as a function of time.
  13. Which vector (1 or 2) represents the normal force and which the weight?

    Image Upload 2
    1. Normal Force (N)

    2. Weight
  14. What is the formula for the force of static friction?
    fs ≤ μsN (μs = coefficient of static friction).
  15. What is the formula for the force of kinetic friction?
    fk ≤ μkN (μk = coefficient of kinetic friction).
  16. What is the formula for centripetal acceleration (for a body in uniform circular motion)? a =
    a = Image Upload 3 = Image Upload 4
  17. What is the formula for centripetal force (for a body in uniform circular motion)? F =
    F = (mass)(acceleration) = Image Upload 5
  18. (T/F) For a planet orbiting a star, the centripetal force is equal to the gravitational force.
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