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  1. Is weight a vector or scalar quantity? What is the formula for calculating weight?
    Weight is a vector quantity.

    Weight = (mass) x (Gravity)
  2. What are Newton's Three Law of Motion?
    (1) A body in motion with constant velocity in a straight line path or at rest will remain that way unless a net force acts upon it.

    (2) Force = (mass) x (acceleration) = ma

    (3) To every force there is always an equal and opposite force.
  3. What are the formulas for the initial horizontal and vertical velocities of a projectile launched with speed v at an angle of θ to the horizontal?
    The horizontal velocity is vcosθ, and the vertical velocity is vsinθ.
  4. What does the total horizontal distance, x, traveled by a projectile equal?
    x = (initial horizontal velocity) x (time in the air).
  5. What is the formula for the gravitalional force? F =
    F = Image Upload
  6. If the distance between two objects is doubled, by how much is the force of gravity increased or decreased?
    The force would decrease by a factor of 4 (22).
  7. (T/F) A body in translational equilibrium has a net force moving it at a constant velovity.
    False, a body in translational equilibrium has no net force acting on it.
  8. If a lever arm is halved, by how much does the torque increase or decrease?
    The torque would decrease by half.
  9. What is the formula for calculating torque? r =
    r = rFsinθ (r = distance between force and axis of rotation)
  10. When calculating torque, which rotation direction is considered positive and which negative?
    Counterclockwise is positive.

    Clockwise is negative.
  11. (T/F) For rotational equilibrium to occur, the sum of all torques acting on a body must be zero.
  12. What is translational motion?
    Translational motion is defined as motion in which the position of the object's center of mass changes as a function of time.
  13. Which vector (1 or 2) represents the normal force and which the weight?

    Image Upload
    1. Normal Force (N)

    2. Weight
  14. What is the formula for the force of static friction?
    fs ≤ μsN (μs = coefficient of static friction).
  15. What is the formula for the force of kinetic friction?
    fk ≤ μkN (μk = coefficient of kinetic friction).
  16. What is the formula for centripetal acceleration (for a body in uniform circular motion)? a =
    a = Image Upload = Image Upload
  17. What is the formula for centripetal force (for a body in uniform circular motion)? F =
    F = (mass)(acceleration) = Image Upload
  18. (T/F) For a planet orbiting a star, the centripetal force is equal to the gravitational force.
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