Coagulase Test

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  1. How does coagulase work?
    Coagulase works with normal plasma components to form protective fibrin barriers around single or group of cell.
  2. How does coagulase benefit the cell?
    By forming a protective fibrin barrier that protect the cell from phagocytosis and other type of attack
  3. What are the two form of coagulase?
    Free coagulase and bound coagulase
  4. What is free coagulase?
    extracellular enzyme( secreted) that reacted with coagulase-reacting factor(CRF) resulting in a similar reaction like normal clotting mechanism
  5. How does bound coagulase work?
    Bound coagulase attached to bacteria's cell wall, reacted with fibrinogen. Fibrinogen's precipitate and cause cell to clumps together.
  6. What are the two form of Coagulase test?
    Tube Test and Slide Test
  7. What is the difference between a Tube Test and a Slide Test?
    Tube Test can detect the presence of free or bound coagulase while Slide test only detect bound coagulase
  8. What is the similarity of the Tube and Slide test?
    Both use rabbit plasma treated with anticoagulant. Anticoagulant prevent normal clotting mechanisms.
  9. What does a Coagulase + Tube test look like?
    The solution or cells are all clump together and not runny.
  10. What is Coagulase Test used for ?
    To differentiate Staphylococcus aureus from other gram positive cocci
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