Wordly Wise Lesson 13

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  1. blandishment
    n. (often plural) That which is intended to coax or persuade, such as flattery; an allurement.
  2. deprecate
    • v. 1. To criticize or express disapproval of.
    • 2. To represent as of little value.
  3. discomfit
    v. To make uneasy by confusing or embarrassing a person.
  4. meteoric
    adj. Coming into existence swiftly, suddenly, brightly, like a meteor.
  5. overbearing
    adj. Acting in an arrogant, domineering way.
  6. precocious
    adj. Showing exceptionally early development of abilities.
  7. precocity
  8. proffer
    • v. To offer for acceptance or consideration.
    • n. An offer.
  9. remonstrate
    v. To say in protest; to raise an objection.
  10. rift
    • n. 1. A split or crack.
    • 2. A break in friendly relations.
  11. solicitous
    adj. Showing interest and care; concerned.
  12. succinct
    adj. Expressed clearly and in few words; concise.
  13. sylvan
    adj. Having to do with trees or wooded areas.
  14. trepidation
    n. Apprehension; dread.
  15. untoward
    adj. Not favorable; unlucky.
  16. virtuoso
    • adj. Done with great skill and dash.
    • n. A person with great skill in some art, especially music.
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