Muscle Relaxants-Diabetic Agents

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  1. Flexeril
    Cyclobenzaprine, Muscle Relaxant
  2. Robaxin
    Methocarbamol, Muscle Relaxant
  3. Skelaxin
    Metaxalone, Muscle Relaxant
  4. Soma
    Carisoprodol, Muscle Relaxant C4
  5. Zanaflex
    Tizanidine, Muscle Relaxant
  6. Celebrex
    Celexoxib, NSAID's (Anti-inflammatory/Pain relievers)
  7. Lodine
    Etodolac, NSAID's (Anti-inflammatory/Pain relievers)
  8. Mobic
    Meloxicam, NSAID's (Anti-inflammatory/Pain relievers)
  9. Motrin
    Ibuprofen, NSAID's (Anti-inflammatory/Pain relievers)
  10. Naprosyn
    Naproxen, NSAID's (Anti-inflammatory/Pain relievers)
  11. Relafen
    Nabumentone, NSAID's (Anti-inflammatory/Pain relievers)
  12. Voltaren
    Diclofenac, NSAID's (Anti-inflammatory/Pain relievers)
  13. Pyridium, Uristat
    Phenazopyridine, Analgesics(Pain)
  14. Ultracet
    Tramadol-Acetaminophen, Analgesics(Pain)
  15. Ultram
    Tramadol, Analgesics(Pain)
  16. Zyloprim
    Allopurinol, Gout Agent
  17. Actos
    Pioglitazone, Diabetic Agent
  18. Amaryl
    Glimepiride, Diabetic Agent
  19. Avandia
    Rosiglitazone, Diabetic Agent
  20. Diabeta
    Glyburide, Diabetic Agent
  21. Glucophage
    Metformin, Diabetic Agent
  22. Glucotrol
    Glipizide, Diabetic Agent
  23. Glucovance
    Glyburide-Metformin, Diabetic Agent
  24. Humalog
    Insulin Lispro, Diabetic Agent
  25. Humulin N
    Isophane insulin (NPH), Diabetic Agent
  26. Lantus
    Insulin Glargine, Diabetic Agent

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Muscle Relaxants Diabetic Agents

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