Blood Agar

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  1. Is Blood Agar a differential media or selective media?
    Differential based on the ability to hemolyze red blood cells(RBCs)
  2. What is Blood Agar made of?
    Sheep blood and tryptic soy agar base
  3. What does the Blood Agar used for?
    Detect the hemolyticability of Gram-Positive cocci(Streptococcus)
  4. What is hemolysin?
    Check lab manual
  5. What is exotoxins?
    Check lab manual
  6. Which type of hemolysis has a complete lysis of RBCs and hemoglobin?
  7. Which type of hemolysis has partial destruction of RBCs?
    Alpha hemolysis
  8. Which type of hemolysis does not destroy RBCs?
    Gamma hemolysis
  9. How do you detect Beta, Alpha, and Gamma hemolysis on Blood agar?
    • Beta hemolysis=clearing of the medium around colony
    • Alpha hemolysis=Greenish discoloration of the agar around the colonies
    • Gamma hemolysis=Simple growth with no change to medium
  10. What is Streptolysins?
    Hemolysin produced by Streptococcus sp.
  11. What is streptolysin O? What is Streptolysin S?
    Hemolysins produced by Streptococcus sp. under anaerobic condition

    Hemolysin produced by Streptococcus sp. under aerobic condition
  12. Which bacteria do Blood Agar differentiate between?
    Differentiate between Streptococcus and Enterococcus
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