Breasts and Axillae

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  1. antibodies
    important constituent of colostrum in addition to protein and minerals
  2. areola
    pigmented area surrounding the nipple
  3. colostrum
    clear or milky white fluid expressed from breast before milk production
  4. cooper ligaments
    ligaments that support the breast
  5. duct ectasia
    benign condition of the subaroelar ducts that produce nipple discharge
  6. fat necrosis
    benign breast lump occurs as an inflammatory response to local injury
  7. fibroadenoma
    • benign tumor composed of stromal and epithelial elements
    • related to hyperplastic or proliferative process in a single terminal ductal unit
  8. fibrocystic disease
    condition characterized by the benign fluid-filled cyst formation caused by ductal enlargement
  9. galactorrhea
    lactation not assoicated with childbearing
  10. gynecomastia
    unexpected enlargement of breast tissue in men
  11. intraductal papilloma
    benign tumors of the subareolar ducts, produce nipple discharge, epithelial hyperplasia produced a wart-like tumor in a lactiferous duct
  12. involution
    interval following termination of lactation when breasts decrease in size
  13. malignant breast tumor
    ductal carcinoma arising from the epithelial lining of the cells
  14. mammogram
    common radiologic procedure used for breast exam
  15. mastitis
    inflammation and infection of the breast tissue
  16. montgomery follicles
    follicles that are tiny sebaceous glands and amy appear in the areola
  17. nipple
    projection at the apex of the beast on the surface of which the lactiferous ducts open
  18. paget disease
    disease that is a surface manifestation of underlying ductal carcinoma
  19. papillomas
    small tumors of the subareolar ducts
  20. peau d'orange appearance
    a sign indicative of blocked lymph drainage in carcinoma
  21. premature thelarche
    breast enlargement in girls before the onset of puberty
  22. tail of spence
    area where most malignancies occur in breast tissue
  23. tanner staging
    staging for sexual maturity
  24. virchow nodes
    lymph nodes signaling lymphatic invasion of carcinoma from the abdomen or thorax
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