Phenol Red Broth PR-glucose

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  1. What does Phenol Red Broth differentiate?
    Enterobacteria fermentative bacteria from other gram negative rod
  2. What is the ingredient for Phenol red broth?
    • Carbohydrate (glucose, lactose, etc)
    • Peptone: nutrients
    • Phenol red: ph<6.8 yellow; ph at 6.8-7.4 is red, ph>7.4 pink
  3. what is the name of the tube used to trap gas in a Phenol red broth test?
    Durham tube
  4. what does it mean if a phenol red broth test tube show up yellow broth with bubble in Durham tube when innoculate with a bacteria?
    the bacteria can ferment the sugar and produce acid and sugar
  5. What happen when the tube show up yellow but no bubble?
    Bacteria only ferment carbohydrate and make acid but no gas
  6. Red broth show no fermentation. True or false?
  7. What happen in a pink broth tube?
    Degradation of peptone, alkaline end products(broth become bases)
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