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  1. by early 1900's, what were nationalist movements doing in south east asia?
    • they were taking root throughout southeast asia.
    • they took pride in the history and traditions of their people
    • they organized forces to win independence
  2. what happened in the russo-japanese war and what was the outcome?
    • japan crushed russia
    • japan overran most of southeast asia during WWII, from indochina to the phillippines
  3. what was significant about july 4, 1946?
    filipinos celebrated independence from the US
  4. who did malaya gain independence from?
  5. what problems did malaysia face once it gained its independence?
    • 3 major ethnic groups
    • 50% of the population are farmers and fishermen and were the poorest in the nation
    • chinese and indians dominated business and professional fields
    • inequality caused for social unrest in malaysia
  6. what problems did new nations of southeast asia face once they gained their independence?
    • they had little experience with self government
    • leaders were expected to unify multiply diverse groups in a single nation
    • they also faced severe economic problems
  7. who were the huks in the philippines?
    filipino communists who fought against the government
  8. why did the US get involved in the phillipines?
    they feared a communist revolution
  9. who was ferdinand marcos?
    president of the phillippines
  10. what is martial law and why was it implemented?
    • temporary rule given to the military
    • because marcos was faced with growing protests and social unrest
  11. who was benigno aquino?
    a popular reformer
  12. what happened to benigno aquino and how did he impact the phillippines?
    killed by marcos supporters which set off a chain of protests that forced marcos to hold elections in 1986.
  13. what happened in 1992 between the US and the phillippines?
    american miliatry forces withdrew from the bases they had occupied
  14. why did the US withdraw from phillipine bases?
    there was an agreement in place, but is also occured because many filipinos viewed these bases as symbols of colonial rule
  15. how did the US help the phillippines more recently?
    they offered to send soldiers to the phillippines to help fight muslim separtists, as part of the war on terrorism
  16. who was considered "he who enlightens"?
    ho chi minh
  17. what did ho chi minh do in versailles?
    he called on france to grant independence to vietnam
  18. because of ho chi minh's disappointment from the developments at versailles, what did he do in response?
    he helped to found the communist party in france
  19. why did communism appeal to many nationalist in vietnam?
    because it rejected colonialsm
  20. when he returned to vietnam, what was ho chi minh's 2 goals?
    • to build a communist movement
    • win independence
  21. Ho and the nationaliasts formed what?
    viet minh
  22. what tactics did the viet minh use against the japanese?
    guerilla warfare
  23. what happened in 1946 in vietnam?
    france set out to regain control of indochina
  24. how did the cold war impact vietnam?
    • the soviet union and china supported ho's communist forces
    • US supported the french
  25. domino theory?
    if 1 nation fell to communist forces, neighboring nations would also become communist
  26. why did the french withdraw from vietnam and cambodia?
    • the viet minh trapped a french army in dienbienphu forcing it to surrender
    • withdrew under a peace agreement (geneva convention)
  27. what was the result from the geneva convention?
    temporaily divided vietnam at the 17th parallel
  28. what were the main differences from north and south vietnam?
    • ho chi minh and the communists controlled north
    • ngo dinh diem ruled a noncommunist governemtn in south
  29. why did the US take a bigger role in vietnam?
    vietcong expanded their power
  30. gulf of tonkin resolution?
    • 2 american patrol ships in the gulf of tonkin claimed the north vietnamese gun boats attacked them.
    • **gave pres power to take all necessary steps including force to help south vietnam
  31. how did the war in vietnam spread?
    american buildup spread to laos and cambodia
  32. explain how vietnam was reunited?
    communist forces surrounded saigon and the gov't surrendered
  33. what were the results of vietnam reuniting?
    • communist gov't took over private businesses and farmlands
    • renamed saigon to ho chi minh city
    • year of war left vietnams economy in shambles
  34. Us put trade embargo on _____. Lifted it in ____
    • vietname
    • 1994
  35. who were the khmer rogue?
    local communist guerillas, led by pol pot
  36. what country did the khmer rogue impact?
  37. what were some of the tragedies that followed khmer rogue?
    • they forced people out of cities and resettled them
    • they tortured murdered anyone suspected of being disloyal
    • genocide of 2 million people
  38. effects of war in south east asia?
    • massive bombing destroyed villages and irrigation systems
    • deadly chemical make the land unusable
    • places like hong kong, thailand and other countries took refugees
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