Spoken Language

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  1. What are the 5 categories of spoken language?
    • Interactional
    • Referential
    • Expressive
    • Transactional
    • Phatic
  2. Interactional language
    Language of informal speech, it has a social function
  3. Referential language
    Provides the listener with information
  4. Expressive language
    Highlights speakers emotions, feelings or attitudes
  5. Transactional language
    Getting information or making a deal e.g. buying ot selling
  6. Phatic Language
    Social talk e.g. about the weather
  7. Prepared speech features
    • Worked out in advance
    • For a specific audience & purpose
    • Formal
    • Performed
    • Needs to maintain listener's interest
    • May include rhetorical devices
  8. Spontaneous speech
    • Not prepared
    • Delivered on the spot
    • Informal
    • Mainly in response to another speaker
    • Non fluency features
  9. Spontaneous speech features
    • Ellipsis
    • Phatic talk
    • False starts
    • Back channelling
    • Deixis
    • Fillers
    • hedges
    • Elision
    • Interruptions/overlaps
    • repetition
    • hesitation
  10. Format of conversation
    • Opening
    • Responses
    • Adjacency pairs
    • Signalling closure
    • Closure
  11. Switching & turn taking
    A speaker may pause to indicate it is the other person's turn to speak, a domineering participant may interrupt
  12. Tag questions
    Attached to the end of statements to invite a response
  13. Topic shifts
    When one speaker changes the subject of a conversation
  14. feedback
    When someone else is speaking people give verbal and non verbal feedback to indicate they are listening
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