Lab Final - Capsules

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  1. two types of capsules
    hard gelatin and soft gelatin
  2. ingredients in a capsule vs tablet
    drug, diluent, lubricant

    tablet also needs binders, disintegrants, glidants, coloring agents, etc
  3. disadvantages of capsules
    • possiblity of tampering
    • limited capsule shell suppliers
    • not good for highly soluble salts
    • not good for hygroscopic, deliquescent drugs
    • not good for efflorescent drugs
    • not good for drugs/excipients that solubilize gelatin
  4. hard gelatin capsule shell composition
    • gelatin
    • preservative
    • water
    • sugar
    • opaquing agent
    • colorant
  5. soft gelatin capsule shell composition
    • gelatin
    • preservative
    • water
    • opaquing agent
    • sugar
    • colorant
    • PLUS glycerin/PG
  6. manufacturing of hard vs soft capsules
    • hard: two steps (making of capsule shell and filling)
    • soft: produced, filled, and sealed in one operation
  7. how is the gelatin made
    animal bone, skin, or collagen hydrolyzed into type A or B gelatin

    • typeA: plasticity
    • typeB: firmness
  8. capsule size range
    • smaller number = bigger capsule
    • bigger number = smaller capsule
  9. excipients used in capsule development
    • diluent/filler: produces proper fill volume
    • disintegrant: breakup capsule contents in the stomach
    • lubricant: lowers friction btween powder and metal surfaces of filling machines
    • glidant: improve powder flow
  10. examples of capsule diluents/fillers
    • lactose
    • microcrystalline cellulose
    • dicalcium phosphate
  11. examples of capsule disintegrants
    • pregelatinized starch
    • sodium starch glycolate
    • crospovidone
  12. examples of capsule lubricants
    magnesium stearate
  13. examples of capsule glidants
  14. bulk density
    weight of powder in graduated cylinder/volume occupied by powder
  15. tap density
    weight of powder in graduated cylinder/volume occupied by powder after 200 taps
  16. compressibility of powder mix/% compressibility
    (1 - bulk density/tap density) x 100
  17. rule of seven
    • 1. convert weight of powder+capsule into grains
    • 1 grain = 0.065 grams
    • 2. subtract number from 7
    • 3. compare to the table to choose capsule size

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