Breast US

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  1. What are the characteristics of suspicious nipple discharge?
    • Unilateral
    • Spontaneous clear or bloody from a single duct
  2. What are the US periareolar ddx?
    • Duct ectasia
    • Intraductal mass
  3. What do you do if you have a palpable symptom but no imaging correlate?
    • Always defer to treating clnician
    • "Correlate clinically and aspirate if suspicious"
    • "Nearly 4% of women with breast CA who present with a palpable lump with have normal or benign findings on BOTH mammography and ultrasound"
  4. Snow storm appearance, intra- or extracapsular rupture?
  5. Step-ladder appearance, intra- or extracapsular rupture?
  6. Linguini sign, intra- or extracapsular rupture?
    Other name?
    • Intracapsular rupture (us)
    • Fallen envelope sign
  7. What are the malignant features of lymph nodes?
    • Cortical thickening (diffuse, globular, irregular)
    • Increased peripheral flow (vs normal hilar flow)
    • Abnormal LN next to a normal one
    • Spiculated margins
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