20th Century US History

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  1. Alfred Thayer Mahan
    Wrote "The Importance of Seapower on History," which was read by Teddy Roosevelt and influenced Imperialism and the construction of the Panama Canal.
  2. Prerequisites for Seapower
    • 1: A productive domestic economy
    • 2: foreign commerce
    • 3: A strong merchant marine
    • 4: A navy to defend trade routes
    • 5: colonies for raw materials/markets and navy bases
  3. U.S.S. Maine
    • 1: Exploded in Havana Harbor
    • 2: Was blamed on Spanish mine
    • 3: Reason U.S. went to war with Cuba
    • 4: Was later found to be caused by engine room accident
  4. America and the Philippines
    • 1: U.S. wanted to annex Philippines
    • 2: Many were against it's acquisition
    • 3: McKinley wanted to "civilize" the Filipinos
    • 4: Filipino resistance led to war (1898-1902)
    • 5: America won the Philippines
  5. How did Roosevelt acquire the Panama Canal?
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