pharma II test 3, vasoactive peptides

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  1. structural feature of ang I and ang II
    • ang I is a decapeptide
    • ang II is an octapeptide
  2. natriuretic peptide
    ANP increases Na secretion and urine flow, GFR increases, vasodilation, decrease BP(cGMP)
  3. vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP)
    marked vasodilation independent of NE, ACh, serotonin and histamine receptros
  4. substance P
    potent vasodilator, contraction of venous, intestinal and bronchial SM
  5. neurotensin
    peripheral vasodilator
  6. calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP)
    • presents in large quantity in the C cells of the thyroid gland
    • peripherally: hypotension and tachycardia - most potent vasodilator so far
    • CNS - suppression of feeding
  7. neuropeptide Y (NPY)
    • functions both as a vasoconstrictor and a cotransmitter with norepinephrine
    • CNS: increased feeding
    • peripheral: vasoconstriction
  8. antagonist of neuropeptide
  9. which step does ACE inhibitors work on
    ang I - ang II
  10. if a patient with HTN has a night cough complaint which vasoactive drug should be avoided
  11. NOS inhibitor
  12. NOS scavenger
  13. inducible isoform of NO
    iNOS - located in the macrophages of smooth muscle cells
  14. isoforms of NO that require Ca
    • nNOS - located in the neuronal & epithelial cells
    • eNOS - located in the endothelial cells
  15. substrate for NO
  16. indicator of NO since it has a short half life
  17. activated by NO and the response
    • NO activates guanylyl cyclase (GC) bound by phosphate and GTP producing increase in cGMP causing myosin relaxation
    •    vasodilation
    •    platelet inhibition
    •    smooth muscle regulation
    •    immune regulation
  18. serves as a reservoir for NO
  19. beneficial oxides of nitrogen
    • nitrite
    • nitrate
  20. 2 signaling pathways useful in practice for NO(I)
    • neurons in the brain
    • macrophage
  21. 2signaling pathways useful in practice for NO (II)
    • dilating blood vessels for erection of the penis
    • inhaled for newborn high blood pressure in the lungs
  22. NO septic shock cause and TX
    • increased urinary excretion of nitrates
    • Tx - methy blue (GC inhibitor)
    •        hemoglogin (NO scavenger)
  23. NO use in atherosclerosis
    antioxidant blocking the oxidation of LDL preventing the formation of foam cells in vascular wall (macrophage engulfs)
  24. excessive NO
    detrimental during acute organ rejection due to up-regulation of iNOS by cytokines
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