OB4 33 complications

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  1. preterm labor happens between what weeks?
  2. mom is 30wks but is having contractions. cervix isn't changing though. might she have a perterm?
    no. the cervix is what we look at.
  3. does low birth weight mean a preterm?
    no. we can have small term babies.
  4. what is definite link to preterm labor?
  5. we got a mother that is mutigravida. is she at some sort of risk for preterm?
    yes. uterus is stretched. body might think it's ready.
  6. what biochemical marker is screened to predict preterm labor?
    fetal fibronectins
  7. what is the significance of a short cervix in a pregs mother?
    risk for preterm.
  8. can a pregs have sex when she has a high risk preterm labor?
    no. sex might stimulate pregs/contractions by releasing oxytocin (nipple stimulation)
  9. what is terbutaline? what's it used for?
    beta agonist. used to suppress labor.
  10. what is mag sulfate used for?
    CNS depressant. suppress labor and prevent seizures.
  11. what is nifedipine (procardia) used for?
    calcium channel blocker. relaxes smooth muscles. prevents contractions
  12. what is indomethacin?
    prostaglandin inhibitor. suppresses labor
  13. what is metamethasone? why would you give it to a mother?
    antenatal corticosteroid. helps premies produce surfactant in the lungs. when they produce that, they would have an easier time breathing when they come out.
  14. what does a mother look like when she has infection from PROM?
    elevated temp. foul odor. tender uterine. chills. increased pulse.
  15. what is dystocia?
    abnormal/difficult, long labor
  16. what are some complications of having an obese mother?
    • venous thrombo-embolism
    • C/S
  17. what is the bishop score?
    predicting if induction of labor is required
  18. what is assessed in the bishop score?
    • dilation
    • effacement
    • consistency
    • fetal position
    • fetal station
  19. what is betamethasone/dexamethasone and why might they give it to a mother?
    corticosteroid. helps the baby produce surfactant so they can breathe on their own. they might be getting out early for whatever reason (preterm) so doctors want to lessen the need to breathing interventions once the baby is out.
  20. what is a common drug to give to a mother that needs her cervix to open?
    cervidil or prepidil
  21. what would happen if a mother is on oxytocin for too long?
    • hypotensive
    • hyponatremia
    • confusion
    • convulsion
    • CHF
  22. the mother is in labor and is presenting with shoulder dystonia. they proceed with the mcroberts maneuver. what is that?
    where the mother has her legs all the way up and another person is "pushing the baby down" from the top.
  23. what is ASP? (anaphylactoid syndrome of pregnancy)
    where debris from amniotic fluid (hair, skin cells, meconium) gets into the mother's blood and travels to the lungs, gets stuck, can't breathe, die.
  24. what is a good reason to use tocolytics?
    to stall the pregs so that the corticosteroids given for the baby can kick in. more time = more time for lungs to mature.
  25. what are obese pregs women at risk for?
    venous thromboembolism and C-sec
  26. at what point in the pregnancy should the parents be getting advice about vacuum birth, forceps etc,
    prenatal period
  27. is a shoulder dystocia a ob emergency?
  28. is a prolapsed cord an ob emergency?
  29. is a rupture of uterus an ob emergency?
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