pharma II test III thyroid disorders

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  1. rate limiting step in thyroid hormone formation
    sodium/iodide symporter (NIS)
  2. 3 ionic inhibitors of NIS
    • SCN thiocyanate
    • Clo4 percholate
    • NO3 nitrate
  3. what stimulates the NIS
  4. what oxidizes iodide
    thyroidal peroxidase
  5. 3  inhibitor of thyroidal peroxidase (thioamides)
    • propylthiouracil - propacil
    • methmiazole
    • high concentrations of iodides
  6. what stimulates thyroidal peroxidase
  7. what is iodide incorporated into and then bound to in the colloid resulting in
    • tyrosine
    • thyroglobulin
    • MIT & DIT
  8. two drugs that block proteolysis and release of T4&T3
    • lugol's solution
    • ssKI
  9. how is T4 converted to T3 in he periphery
    5' deiodinase
  10. what is T3&4 bound to in the plasma
    thyroxine-binding globulin (TBG)
  11. what increases TBG synthesis
  12. what decreased TBG synthesis
    • androgens
    • starvation
  13. metabolism of thyroxine
    deiodination in the liver
  14. 4 clinical presentations of hypothyroidism
    • pale
    • cold dry skin
    • brittle hair
    • bradycardia
  15. 3 adverse effects of levothyroxine - synthroid
    • tachycardia
    • tremors
    • hyperthermia
  16. synthetic T4
    levothyroxine - synthroid
  17. 2 drugs interactions with levothyroxine
    • enhanced¬†warfarin actions
    • catecholamines
  18. provides clinical remission with destruction of thyroid gland
    radioactive iodine 131
  19. 2 things PTU inhibits
    • thyroid peroxidase
    • 5'deiodinase
  20. 3 adverse effects of thioamides
    • agranulocytosis
    • hypothyroidism
    • pregnancy and lactaction
  21. thioamide that blocks only thyroid peroxidase
  22. antithyroid agent that would assist in suppressing tachycardia and other symptoms of graves disease
    beta blocker - propranolol
  23. used in thyrotoxic crisis
    beta blocker - propranolol
  24. which situation is liothyronine preferred over levothyroxine
    myxedema coma
  25. addition function you should follow with propylthiouracil therapy
    serum white blood cell counts
  26. best reason to choose T4 over T3 Tx
    conversion of T4 to T3 allows the body some control over hormone delivert to tissues
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