MIC 541 - Exam 4-Antibacterials 1- 1

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  1. What is the biggest challange for Antebacterials?
    Gram negative resistance to antibiotics
  2. There have been many new gram negative antibiotics in the recent past (T/F)?
    False, there have not been any new gram-negative antibiotics
  3. What is antibiotic stewardship?
    • Ensuring the best use of antibiotics
    • Preventing over- and mis- use
  4. What is the term for preventing misuse and overuse of antibiotics to pronlong their effectiveness?
    Antibiotic stewardship
  5. What groupĀ antibiotics have not had any additional members in the recent past and have issues with resistance?
    Antibiotics for Gram negative bacteria
  6. What are the two counter-stratagies used to combat gram negative antibiotic resistance?
    • Antibiotic stewardship
    • Infection Control
  7. Of the two counter-stratagies used to combat gram negative antibiotic resistance, which is the most effecttive?
    Infection Control
  8. What three reasons support Infection control methods as an effective means of challenging gram negative resistance?
    • Reduces antibiotic use
    • Prevents unnecessary infection
    • Prevent the development of resistance
  9. What counter strategy for Gram-negative resistance prevents unnessecary resitance, prevents the spread and development of resistance bacteria and reduces the need for antibiotics?
    Infection Control
  10. At what point did modern Chemotherapy begin?
  11. What product can be derived from Prontosil rubrum through metabolic processing?
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