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  1. Question: Which of the following is true:

    A. The brain has many nociceptors
    B. Drugs pass freely from the bloodstream into the brain tissue
    C. The brain stores no glucose
    D. The brain does not use neurotransmitters
    E. The brain is mostly made of cheese
    Answer: C. The brain stores no glucose
  2. Brain
    The ascending sensory and descending motor tracts are found within the
    Medulla Oblongata
  3. The septum pellucidum divides the:
    Lateral Ventricles
  4. Brain
    Which of the following parts of the brain interprets sensory impulses
    and controls muscular movement as well as function in emotional and
    intellectual processes
  5. The lateral ventricle contains:
    • A. Choroid plexus
    • B. Hypothalamus
    • C. Cerebrospinal fluid
    • D. All of the above
    • E. A & C only

    Answer: A and C
  6. Brain
    Which of the following is not a part of the midbrain
    • A. Pyramids
    • B. Superior Colliculi
    • C. Inferior Colliculi
    • D. Cerebral Peduncles
    • E. None of these is part of the midbrain

    Answer: A. Pyramids
  7. Brain
    Which of the following is controlled by the basal ganglia of the brain:
    • A. Habitual or automatic movements, such as arm swing while walking
    • B. Muscle tone
    • C. Inhibition of intrinsically active motor neurons
    • D. All of the above
    • E. A & C only

    Answer: D. All of the above
  8. Brain
    Most of the motor axons:
    • A. Cross the midline within the medulla oblongata's pyramids
    • B. Decussate within the medulla oblongata's pyramids
  9. Brain
    The brain structures correctly in order from most superior to most inferior:
    Diencephalon - Midbrain - Pons - Medulla Oblongata

  10. A. occipital lobe
    B. cerebellum
    C. medulla oblongata
    D. frontal lobe
    E. lateral ventrticle
    F. corpus callosum

  11. A. corpus callosum
    B. septum pellucidum
    C. lateral sulcus
    D. pituitary gland
    E. temporal lobe
    F. lateral ventricle

  12. A. genu of the corpus callosum
    B. optic chiasm
    C. pons
    D. superior colliculus
    E. pineal gland

  13. A. Arbor Vitae
    B. Splenium of the Corpus Callosum
    C. Genu of the Corpus Callosum
    D. Inferior Colliculus
    E. Optic Chiasm

  14. A. dura mater
    B. body of the corpus callosum
    C. intermediate mass of the thalamus
    D. mamillary body
    E. medulla oblingata

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