Spanish Verbs 13 - 15

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  1. acordarse (ue)
    to remember
  2. animar
    to encourage
  3. aprovecharse de
    to take advantage of
  4. callarse
    to keep/remain quiet
  5. costar
    to find hard to
  6. corregirse
    to correct oneself
  7. durar
    to last
  8. frustrarse
    to get frustrated
  9. imitar
    to imitate
  10. involucrar
    to involve
  11. mejorar
    to improve
  12. molestar
    to bother
  13. perfeccionar
    to perfect
  14. actuar
    to perform
  15. angustiar
    to distress
  16. apreciar
    to notice, to appreciate
  17. borrar
    to delete, to erase
  18. deprimir
    to depress
  19. emocionar
    to excite, to touch
  20. especializarse (en)
    to specialize (in)
  21. indignar
    to anger
  22. odiar
    to hate
  23. roncar
    to snore
  24. soportar
    to stand, to bear, to put up with
  25. suavizar
    to smooth
  26. tropezar (ie)
    to run into
  27. acudir (a)
    to attend, to turn up
  28. agradecer (cz)
    to thank
  29. arrepentirse (ie)
    to regret
  30. asistir
    to attend, to be present at
  31. celebrarse
    to take place, to occur
  32. disfrutar
    to enjoy
  33. divertirse (ie)
    to have fun
  34. excusarse
    to excuse oneself
  35. planear, planificar
    to plan
  36. quedar
    to make an appointment (with)
  37. quedarse
    to stay (appointment w/ self)
  38. salir (lg)
    to go out
  39. sorprender
    to surprise
  40. dar
    to make
  41. echar
    to take, cast, throw
  42. tomar
    to take, have

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Spanish Verbs 13 - 15
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