07.01. HO-3 Section II - Liability Coverage

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  1. HO-3 Section II Coverages
    • Coverage E - Personal Liability
    • Coverage F - Medical Payments to Others
    • Section II - Additional Coverages
  2. Coverage E - Personal Liability
    • liability coverage applies only to bodily injury and property damage that result from an occurrence during the policy period
    • an occurrence can be a sudden event, a gradual series of incidents, or a continuous condition
    • basic personal liability limits are $100,000 per occurrence
    • defense cost is supplemental to the limit and applies even for groundless, false, or fraudulent suits
    • insurer's obligation to defend only ends when limit of liability is exhausted by payment
  3. Coverage F - Medical Payments to Others
    • basic limit is usually $1,000 per person per accident
    • claims for medical payment do not required the insured to be legally responsible
  4. HO Section II 4 Additional Coverages
    • claim expenses: premium on bond within limit, loss of earnings ($250/day), postjudgment interest
    • first aids expenses
    • damage to property of others: $1,000 regardless of fault; note - intentional by child under 13 doesn't qualify as intentional
    • loss assessment: up to $1,000
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HO Section II Liability Coverage

HO-3 Section II - Liability Coverage
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