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  1. If you are CDO and the CO needs to go to a luncheon what do you have to do?
    Ask the XO if the CO needs a ride and coordinate with ACDO for duty driver
  2. Where are the CO’s vehicle keys kept and what’s the combination?
    • In the mailbox
    • 36-15-40
  3. What is the inventory of the CDO briefcase?
    • CDO binder
    • CDO badge
    • Recall Bill
    • Turn over book (green notebook)
    • SITREP/OPREP binder
    • Vehicle report (blue folder)
    • CDO keys (7x)
    • Cell phone
    • Cell phone charger
    • Walkie talkie (2x)
    • Walkie takie charger
  4. Where are the walkie talkies kept that are for the CDO use?
    In the CDO bag or in the copier room
  5. What is the CDO voice mail number?
  6. Would you give out a member’s number if someone called and asked for it?
    • Negative
    • CDO is not allowed to give personal info. Ask the caller for their number and give it to the person they’re looking for.
  7. Are there any circumstances that might require you to give out a member’s number?
    Only when they’re asking for the SAPR’s or any other official phone numbers
  8. What keys are located on the key ring in the briefcase and where is the master list?
    • Glass door
    • etc
  9. What time do we have to have the building unlocked by during the weekdays and how do you unlock the doors?
    • Unlock the door before 0600
    • To unlock - swipe – pull away – swipe again
    • To lock - swipe twice
  10. What are your responsibilities each day after unlocking the building?
    IAW CDO weekly guide
  11. How many rounds are you required to do on the weekends?
  12. What is IDS?
    • Intrusion Detection System
    • Alerts base security officials, which in turn notifies the CDO.
  13. What do you have to do if you have the CDO on the weekend and you get a call for an intruder alert?
    • When alarm goes off it will call:
    • 1. CDO
    • 2. FCC Shilbe
    • 3. Senior Stowers
    • 4. Scott
    • Code of alarm – 570
  14. What do you do if you find a classified document after hours that was left out and who do you need to call?
    • Notify classified custodian
    • Notify XO and CO
    • Secure classified material in the briefcase while waiting
    • If the safes are found open, pri and alt POC can be found inside the safe
    • Notify the POC for inventory
  15. What do you do for a single/ married member that checks in on the weekend or after hours?
    • If they have no ride, pick them up from the Airport
    • Check them in to a barracks or Navy Lodge
    • Make an entry to the CDO log
    • Notify their COC
    • Coordinate a ride for them to get to work for the next working day
  16. How do you go up to the roof, and where are the keys located?
    • Use key #2 located at the key box
    • Notify Scott prior to opening
  17. What are the procedures for setting up the phone on weekends?
    • Instruction is posted by the phone
    • Press: “FEATURE”
    • “982”
    • PSWD “67372867”
    • “OK”
    • “NEXT”
    • It will show “BUSINESS Y or N”
    • Press “CHANGE” to change the status to Y or N
    • “Rls” to finish
  18. How do you set up the phone system to use the intercom in the event you have to make an announcement?
    • Press “FEATURE”
    • Press “6”
    • Press “0”
    • Press “BOTH”
    • Press “ALL” to finish
  19. What are the differences between a Unit SITREP and a NAVY BLUE?
    • Navy Blue – any incidents of military, political or media interest. i.e. fire, any MAJOR flooding, loss of comms, network outages, computer intrusion, loss or compromise of classified info.
    • Sitrep – any incidents that is not MAJOR and does not attract media.
  20. What info should you get when taking a call concerning an incident involving a shipmate, and who do you contact?
    • Who
    • What
    • How bad
    • When
    • Where
    • Why
    • Has next-of-kin been notified
    • Is media on-scene, or anticipated
  21. What is the order of notification for NAVY BLUE INCIDENTS?
    • 1. MOC
    • 2. ROC
    • 3. ATG PAC SDO
    • 4. ATG MP CO
    • 5. ATG MP XO
    • 6. CMC
    • 7. ATG MP DEPT HEAD (member’s dept)
    • 8. Appropriate CNO within 24 hours
    • NOTE: phone numbers are in the binder
  22. What is the order of notification for NAVY UNIT SITREP?
    • 1. ATG MP DEPT HEAD (member’s dept)
    • 2. CMC
    • 3. ATG MP XO
    • 4. ATG MP CO
    • 5. SDO (Staff Duty Officer)
    • 6. ATG PAC
    • 7. Appropriate CNO within 24 hours
    • NOTE: phone numbers are in the binder
  23. Who do you have to notify before releasing a Unit SITREP/ NAVY BLUE?
    ATGPAC SDO or Chief of Staff for chop before sending to Scott or Lili-Ann for release in message traffic
  24. What are the deadlines for reporting on SITREP?
    • 5 min to call MOC and ROC
    • 60 min for message
    • MOC – Maritime Operations Center
    • ROC – Regional Ops Center
  25. What is TCOR?
    Emergency evacuation plans indentify by zone. If we have to evacuate call the zone managers. LT Kemp is overall in charged
  26. If someone calls you to report a sexual assault who do you have to notify and when?
    Notify the SAPR with in 5 minutes.
  27. What are your responsibilities during a fire drill/ fire alarm?
    • CDo notify the Federal Fire Dept. (include location, class and extent of fire, personnel injuries, CDO name, location and phone number):
    • notify ambulance and base police if necessary,
    • notify the CO and XO,
    • nitiate muster for the command,
    • notify the Safety Officer,
    • start a record of events to include times and location,
    • standby to direct the Fire Deparment to the scene,
    • all fires shall be reported to the Fire Department even if the fire has been successfully extinguished.
  28. Where is the light switch located for the boat compound?
    The building to the left of the boat house, switch 1 and 2
  29. Can you as a CDO approve Leave and if so for how long and what must you do?
    Yes, 24 hours. Inform the chain of command. XO, Dept Head, their Chief.
  30. What is EAP and who is responsible for it?
    • Emergency Action Plan
    • LT Kemp
  31. What is required to use the equipment in the wood shop, and how would you know if someone has permission to use the equipment in the woodshop?
    • You have to attend the work shop training at Hickam
    • Be on the access list by Scott Grenfell
  32. Who is the ATG Commodore?
    Captain Mark Sakaguchi
  33. Who is COMNAVSURFOR and what other hat does he wear?
    • Vice Admiral Thomas H. Copeman III
    • He also a Commander Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet (COMNAVSURFPAC)
  34. Who is MIDPAC and what other hat does he wear?
    • Rear Admiral Ponds
    • He also a Commander, Navy Region Hawaii
  35. Who is responsible for the surface ships in Pearl Harbor?
    Admiral Cecil Haney
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