4 Yoga Poses

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  1. Ardha Chandrasana II
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    • Half Moon Pose
    • Props:
    • Block, Wall
    • Modification:
    • Keep top arm on hip or lower back
    • Responsive Cue:
    • Demonstrate,
    • elongate torso
    • engage abs
    • lift up out of shoulder
    • Cues:
    • 1. From Trikonasana, bend the right knee, left hand to hip.
    • 2.  Right hand to floor/block about a foot in front of right foot. fingertips on the floor/block
    • 3. Begin to straighten right leg while raising the left leg-PUSH ENERGY OUT thru heel
    • 4. Open the hips, stacking the left hip on top of the right hip.
    • 5. Bring the left leg straight and parallel to the floor, flexing the left foot with the toes facing forward.
    • 6. When you feel balanced on the right leg, reach the left arm up toward the ceiling, opening the chest and making a straight line with the right and left arms.
    • 7. Finally, bring the gaze up toward the left fingertips
    • 8. Repeat on the left side
  2. Janu Sirsasana (jah new shear shahs anna)
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    • Head To Knee Pose (one leg seated forward pose)
    • Props:
    • Blanket, Strap
    • Modification:
    • Roll up blanket under the knee
    • Strap around the foot
    • Blanket under the hips
    • Cues:
    • 1. Dandasana, bend your knee and bring the sole of the left foot to your inner-right thigh.
    •  2. Square your torso over the extended right leg, and begin to hinge from hips over that leg.
    • 3. Engage straight leg. foot flexed, press back of thigh down toward floor.
    • 4. In order to not collapse your back, keep the heart center lifted as long as possible as you come forward. When you reach your limit, bring the heart and head down toward the extended leg.
    • 5. On each inhale, extend the spine, on each exhale, deepen the forward bend.
    • 6. Can hold extended leg or hands on the floor wherever they reach.
    • 7. Repeat the pose on the other side.
  3. Matsyasana (mot see ahs anna)
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    • Fish Pose
    • Props:
    • Blanket, Block
    • Modification:
    • Place rolled blanket under back
    • Block/blanket under head
    • Cues:
    • Lay flat on floor, shoulder blades flat
    • Place hands under hips (sit on them) reach finger tips toward the toes
    • slide/pull body toward toes coming up on the elbows
    • expand the chest up, let crown of head rest on the floor or blanket.
    • Responsive cues:
    • Keep throat soft

  4. Savasana
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    • Corpse Pose
    • Props:
    • Bolster, Blanket, Eye Pillow
    • Modifications:
    • Bolster under knees
    • Blanket over body
    • Eye pillow over eyes
    • Cues:
    • 1. Come to lie down on the back.
    • 2. Let the feet fall out to either side.
    • 3. Bring the arms alongside the body, but slightly separated from the body, stretch fingers toward toes (R.C.)
    • 4. Let the body feel heavy.
    • Relax the feet, legs, torso, shoulders, neck. relax the face, skin on forehead, tongue away from roof of mouth, let eyes sink back.
    • 5. Let the breath occur naturally.
    • 6. To come out, first begin to the deepen the breath. Then move the fingers and toes, awakening the body.
    • 7. Bring the knees into the chest and roll over to one side, keep the eyes closed.
    • 8. Slowly use arms to bring yourself back up into a sitting position.
  5. Uttanasana
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    • Standing Forward Fold
    • Prop: Block
    • Cues:
    • Tadasana. Inhale arms to T.
    • Hinge from hips, exhale swan dive down
    • Finger tips toward the floor/ on block
    • Responsive Cues:
    • Relax head, neck and shoulders
    • Relax skin on forehead.
    • Let tongue fall away from roof of mouth.
    • Shake head Yes and No
    • Modification:
    • bend the knees
    • clasp hands behind neck
    • clasp elbows
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